“Baaaangeraaaang” How Katy copes with growing out her bangs.

Hey lovelies, it’s been awhile! I bet my bangs have grown 1/2 an inch since the last time I composed a post! *cough* segue *cough*. 

That’s why today’s post is dedicated to my bangs and if it’s ever really possible to gracefully grow them out. I’m honestly not sure it is. It’s a difficult process. I mean, it’s not childbirth or finishing a marathon, or getting your Masters while raising 3 kids difficult but, it’s hard to endure a long period of being “in between”. Your bangs are too long to wear down but, too short to blend in with the rest of your hair. It’s a long impending hair purgatory.  

There are however, bobbypins, hats, headbands and different styles to help you through!

Here are just a few ways I’ve kept my cool, while growing out my bangs. It’s only taken me 15 years.

The side pin! I’m not sure I captured the simplicity and sweetness of this but, it’s my daily go to! It’s basically just twisting your bangs into the rest of your hair, on each side. 

The Fake Bridget Bardot! Because sometimes you want your hair on the top of your head. All it takes is a little elastic and I add the little clip on bow to make it more sixties. The bow also masks the little “fountains” that happen when my bangs don’t blend with the rest of my hair. 

Hats. I mean, it doesn’t get easier. I usually wear this on the weekend. I’m never stopping and always moving, so hats are helpful with the calamity that is my brain and my routine. 

Headscarfs! I got hooked on these after watching the Netflix series “Bombshells” and wear them anychance I get. I think the tedium of growing out your bangs is that your look never feels “complete”. With fun accessories, you can help breathe life into your look again!

Well we’ve learned two things here: 1. You can grow out your bangs and 2. I can’t take a selfie with my mouth shut. #foreversurprised. 

I’ve missed you! I’ve got birch boxes and make up brush dry shampoo for you soon! Till then mah babies! *muah* 

Carb-e Diem: Katy talks her low carb week.

Oh sweet angels. I’m back on Carbs. I would fill my bathtub with BBQ chips and wash my hair with donuts if I could. I’m glad I did the challenge but, I don’t want to do it again. I just felt like I was CONSTANTLY starving. I couldn’t get enough.

Here is the basic run down of my days by meal:
 Breakfast: Protein Shake (Vegetable based protein powder, powdered peanut butter and almond milk)

Mid Morning Snack : A Plum

Lunch: Kale, Tuna with Mayo and Mustard and Cheese. String Cheese. And sometimes a Blue Orange smoothie from Blenders in The Grass when I was STARVING. Which was constant.

Mid Day Snack: More String cheese or blueberries and strawberries with honey. Sometimes a cup of tea.

Dinner: 3 Fried Eggs and Avocado, Cheese.

Desert: Greek yogurt with chocolate pieces and blueberries, drizzled with honey.

***Plus lots of water throughout the day ***

Exercise: I didn’t workout at all during this process. I didn’t go to the gym once. This was oddly relaxing because I’ve been going to the gym every week since January. I did yoga, I went for walks but, I kept it all very low key. I wouldn’t have been able to muster the energy if I tried.

By the end of the week I was pretty spacey, really tired and done. The day I decided to eat my first real starchy non vegetable based carb I bought a gluten free calzone and I devoured it.

The take away: I did it and that always means something. I realized the importance of carbohydrates and why our body needs this as an important nutrient for a healthy, happy existence. I also got into this glorious habit of buying strawberries, plums and blueberries. I ate SO many. I’m still incorporating these low-carb habits into my normal carb allowed diet and I hope my muscles, my skin, my energy and my body appreciate it. ❤
Xoxo Katy 

De-toxicated: Katy is trying a low-carb Detox!

You guys, out of the BLUE I decided I wanted to challenge myself by having a very low-carb detox week. That’s right, I’m eating basically zero carbohydrates this week. I already have to be Gluten Free due to medical reasons but, that doesn’t mean I don’t stuff my face with carbs CONSTANTLY. Potato Chips and French Fries are my EVERYTHING. I love them. But I’ve been REALLY wanting to focus on my health. Not just beauty, my health. Healthy skin, bones, hair, muscles, heart, self. So, I saw this low-carb detox plan on Pinterest and something just snapped inside my head… Can I DO it? I think I can but, we’re going to find out together! It’s only a week right?


This is Day 1. So far. It’s been ok.

  • Breakfast
    • Lemon Water w/Honey
    • 2 Fried Eggs
    • 1/2 a GrapeFruit
    • Coffee
  • Mid Morning Snack
      • seriously rip someone’s face off starving – not good, not good for the body or my co-workers.
  • Lunch
    • Blueberry and Orange Smoothie
    • Kale
    • Tuna
    • String Cheese

Mid Day Check in – I felt pretty good. Once I finally fed my body after my ridiculously stupid and small mid-day snack idea, I felt great. Not tired, energized and satisfied.


  • Dinner – I got home and saw a bag of chips on the counter, you know the delicious kettle kind?  I fought the urge and I fought it off. HAaaaaaaaRD.  movies_jlaw-starving-gif-resized
    • I DID make this BOMB Cauliflower Mac and Cheese
      • steamed cauliflower I mashed up.
      • mozzarella cheese (a lot to be honest)
      • Seasonings: salt/pepper/everyday seasoning blend.

I usually go to the gym after work but it was advised to reduce your aerobic activity while detoxing. I did yoga for the first the first time in forever and it felt like it.


Night time Check in: So it’s around 8:45 PM PST and currently…I’m really hungry and having a SERIOUS sweet tooth craving. I think I’ll pop downstairs and make myself a protein shake, it’s nice and chocolatey and will have low carbohydrates. I may ALSO have some pretty killer peanut butter, that’s low-carb esque right? I’m not really sure. I’m eating it anyway. Let’s see if I can make it an entire week … on this low carb life before I break down and just eat some delicious potato chips. God, I love me some Carbs. This might be harder than I thought!

x0x0 Katy

Fishtail Friday

Hello, My name is Vanessa and I have severe braid envy. I never really learned to “do” my hair, anything beyond putting it up into a ponytail is beyond my skill set. My hair (which I named Bianca years ago, long story) is long, straight, and pretty thick, Bianca doesn’t like to do anything but remain long, straight, and pretty thick. Bianca takes about five minutes to tame every morning, requiring little more than a good brushing and a light spritzing of hairspray. She doesn’t like change. Once, years ago, I decided to get a spiral perm (’twas the 90s), Bianca said, “hell to the no”, and the curls just refused to take. Just like that, hours of marinating my hair in toxic chemicals washed down the drain.

So when my beautiful friend Dana started talking about wanting to try some braid tutorials, I felt that all too familiar pang… it just won’t work, Bianca won’t allow it. Armed with a brush, some hair ties, and unbridled enthusiasm, Dana decided to take on the challenge. We turned to one of the braid tutorial queens, Lauren Conrad, for guidance.


We watched the video a couple of times and dove in…

She made it seem so easy in the video, I thought – there’s no way. But after just a few minutes of practice Dana had the hang of the fishtail back and forth!

We even stopped for some Snapchat filter antics. Sidebar: aren’t we just about done with the dog filter? You guys know how crazy I am about dogs, but come onnnn.

I asked Dana to do a half up, half down brain because I have severe hair up anxiety. If I don’t feel hair covering my neck or down my back I get a little nervous.

Color me shocked, Bianca let herself be tamed! Truth be told, I’ve been using a sub-par shampoo and it’s left the old girl a little weighed down, that made her a little more docile and open to being braided. Once I get a good dose of clarifying shampoo in her and take her in for a trim, she’ll be meaner than ever.

But let’s hear it for trying new things, even something as simple as a braid! Follow a tutorial, or just make it up as you go along – if it doesn’t work, no biggie. Don’t be afraid to refresh your hair/makeup/clothing routine once in a while.

We the People: Our guide to making it through your Primary Elections!

It’s California’s turn to vote tomorrow in the Primary Election. While we as women LOVE, HONOR and TURN OUT for Voting with every opportunity we have, it can be a little stressful and daunting. You want to make sure you’re up on the issues and have chosen a candidate best suited for the job. Here’s a step to step guide to getting through Election Days, with the help of some of our favorite (mostly fictional) Political Powerhouses.

  1. Be sure you understand all the issues! lesliemra
  2. All the rigorous phone campaigning is over, for a day. giphy
  3. Make sure you stand firm on all of your platforms. giphy1
  4. So that NO one decides your vote but you.


5. Vote from the gut or the heart (if you have one.)


6. Your voice matters, it really does.


7. So don’t lose your cool.


8. It also means you have a legit reason to step away from the office for a few hours.


9. Maybe take a moment to reflect on the fact that so many people were denied this civic right for far too long. You have that right now. Bask in that for a moment.


10. You’re so ready.


11. Now go Vote!


12. You Got This.



Beauty School DropOut: May Birch Box Review

Ok my little Birchbox beauties. It’s June 3rd, which means it’s time for me to review my MAY Birchbox for you all.

I have to say this was probably my most underwhelming box yet. The packaging was stunning as per uuuuuusual but, it seemed to lack the normal “OOOO!” excitement for me. It might have something to do with the double dose of sun screen/skin care products found in the box. That being said, the items I did love, I really loved!.

Beauty Protector – Protect & Detangle. – This is one of those “OOO” items for me this  month. A general rule of them, anything hair care related, I will be excited. Be on my side oh mighty Hair Gods, for once in my adult life please. 

COOLA – Classic Face Sport SPF 50 White Tea – Intrigued by the “white tea” but, underwhelmed because it’s sunscreen.

 Eyeko – Skinny Liquid Eyeliner – Excited. It’s black eyeliner. My heart that longs for the 60’s fashion will always love black eyeliner. Also, I can’t stop singing “Eyeko, Eyeko, All Day”…You know the one “My grandma said to your grandma, sittin’ by the fire…” etc.

Juicy Couture – Viva La Juicy – Whenever I think of Juicy Couture, I automatically think of seeing the word “JUICY” plastered on ladies behinds, walking through the mall. Way to go Juicy Marketing Department, successful branding. This does smell really good though. Perfect sweet summery scent.

Vita Liberata – Fabulous Self Tanning Gradual Lotion – I have never been one for self tanners so I’m wondering if I’ll use this. I’ll probably try it out at least once. I just can never get over the fear of having streaks on my skin or recreating the infamous Christina Aguilara “drip” incident. *barf*.

Till next time you angels. (I’m getting more and more excited about my end of the year recap for Birchbox! So many products I loved and many that I will purchase in full size!)








How Fleek Week Plans to spend Memorial Day.


Hey guys, if you’re in the states like us, you all know what’s upon us. Memorial Day, or in other words, one hell of a glorious three day weekend. As soon as the clock strikes 5 tomorrow millions of Americans will hit to the road to travel to whatever beach, cabin, tent, forest, or BBQ they plan to attend. We have our own plans in mind.

1.We will without a doubt, be dressed on theme, on point, and fiercely. We’re two extremely liberal broads with a thirst for change and equality who also might want to wear a little red, white and blue. giphy

2.Doing zero chores and resist HAVING to do them, at all costs. wet-hot-american-summer-paul-rudd-tantrum

    3. Maybe we’ll get a little physical activity in but, we’ll keep it light.


    4. If we do have to brave the traffic and crowds, we’ll have our game plan and charge on through.


    5. We may even try to play “True American” you know that weird drinking game from “The New Girl”


    6. This will undoubtedly lead to a dancing party.


    7. We will probably also drunkenly discuss history.


    8. We’ll probably eat a lot of food that’s not typically defined as “healthy”


    9. It’s a glorious weekend of relaxing and hanging with the friends.


    10. So thank you Memorial Day, for giving us the freedom to choose to do nothing, drink everything and hang with the people we love most.


     Bare in mind this will most likely be us on Monday:


     Us having to go back to work on Tuesday:


    Have a great loooooong weekend everybody!