Brow Down to Me

CA4B4r8U0AAUIca I wanted to start this post off by reminding all the readers of my extreme makeup newbie status. If you’ve read our Fleek Week bios you’ll know that my posts will be full of fumbles, stumbles and downright pitiful beauty blunders. I’m ok with that. I’m really starting out from pretty much scratch here, makeup skills akin to baby giraffe legs, but I’m excited to learn and hopefully you can have a lot of fun laughing along with me while I get my makeup skills ON FLEEK. So what did I recently try my hand at cuties?…BROWS! A great eyebrow really is a game changer. It frames your face and puts your whole look together. All the black eye liner or perfect shades of lipstick in the world, won’t solve a sad brow. And it seems like lately you can’t get away from people talking about how to get that perfect set of beautifully sculpted eyebrows. And I KNOooW ya’ll have seen those rather aggressive instagram quotes about it… You know, like this one: dont-let-anyone-with-bad-eyebrows-tell-you-shit-about-lifeAnd I’ve always thought…”Oh god, that’s me… the girl with the SHIT eyebrows.” But I realized that doesn’t HAVE to stay true. That doesn’t have to be me. I can have fleek as hell eyebrows. I’ve just gotta learn a little. So with some gentle nudging and guidance from Queen V (insert praise hands emoji here), I purchased some new brow products and I wanted to share with you my before and after. I think I’m getting better everyday and I’m still reading, watching and admiring perfectly sculpted eyebrows. So let’s have some fun and talk a bit about the products I’ve started using. The first product I tried was the Benefit “Gimme Brow” fiber gel. Sells at Ulta for $24.00 USD and it’s available in two shades, Light/Medium and Medium/Deep. I went for the Light/Medium as I have dark brown hair, but am definitely on the paler side. IMG_3297   IMG_3300 First Reaction: I loved this! Having the tapered brush was an absolute GODSEND for this eyebrow newbie. I could guide the gel exactly where I wanted and I really felt like it gave my eyebrows that extra boost, especially in the places I’ve been over plucking *tisk tisk* Affordability: $$ *Not your cheapest makeup purchase but truly the old saying fits here, you get what you pay for*

The other product I purchased was Anastasia’s Brow Powder Duo.

IMG_3299 IMG_3298

You can purchase this from Sephora for $23.00 USD. This is a brow powder duo. This you apply with an angled brush and fill in your brows using the darker shade where the hairs are sparse and then using the lighter shade over the darker shade and rest of the brow to give a really finished look First Reaction: Not gonna lie, this scared me a little bit. I was imagining myself rollin’ up to work on Monday looking like groucho marx or something. BUT I think I managed to follow those instructions and could really see the difference in quality to what I had been using previously. Affordability: $$ Again, not really that bad for what I consider high quality makeup. I mean it’s Anastasia, she’s basically the Queen of brows. So how did these products look on me?



Brow after 2

 I am feeling EXTRA fleeky with my better eyebrows, I can’t wait to get super confident and make them look EVEN better. Until next time babies, Fleek it Live it Love it.


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