“The Thirst Is Real” An Ode to Summer Thirst, told through Blanche Devereaux.

With these hot temperatures a blaze in Southern California, my thirst is FO REAL. I’m not sure what it is about the warmer weather, maybe it gets all that circulation going, but it creates a thirst so strong, even the largest Iced Green Tea/Lemonade Mix won’t quench it.

So please join me on my tale of A Midsummer Night’s Thirst.

Aided by the illustrious Blanche Devereaux.



1. A fun girls night in. anigif_enhanced-buzz-32113-1385490988-23


2. Introductions tend to take a saucier turn.


3. You have a profound sense of self awareness.



4. But you may try to justify your behavior.



5.  You’re well aware that with great power comes great responsibility.



6. Perspective amidst the thirst can be challenging.



7. However, you can give amazing advice.



8. When the thirst is strong your body develops secret powers. gg_blanche_cleavage-music


9. And confidence isn’t something you’re lacking.



10. You might even get a little overly ambitious.



11. And just when you think you can’t handle the thirst anymore.



12. You’ll find all the right methods to calm yourself down.



13. And don’t sweat it, literally. You’re just doing you. Blanche would be proud.


14. Just remember through the thirst, to still ask the important questions.


Stay thirsty my friends. As only Blanche knows how.



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