Bio Oil: Baby Angels in a Bottle


This is my product review for Bio Oil. The Oil that claims to greatly reduce, scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, aging skin and dehydrated skin.

****Spoiler Alert**** it blew my MIND! I’m so in love.

Back Story: I’ve suffered from sensitive skin my whole life. You look at my face the wrong way and it will break out OR it will completely rid itself of any and all possible moisture. Wrinkle city baby and I’ve got a one way ticket….THAT IS….I HAD a one way ticket, until Bio Oil entered my life. It’s seriously one of the great products I’ve ever used on my skin and I couldn’t be more excited to share my experience with you!

The Product Review: 

Let me break it down for you by category:

Recommended Application, Texture and Scent, Grease Factor, Scars, Acne and Price.  


Recommended Application: The product recommends you apply twice a day. So for me, I apply it in the morning after I get out of the shower and then after I wash my face at night. I apply it lightly in the morning so it will sit under my makeup and then a heavier application at night. I don’t use an applicator. I just pour it into my hands and then apply with my fingers directly to my face. I’ve been using it for over a month and it’s still going strong with more than half the product remaining.

Texture and Scent: It’s definitely true to its name. It’s oil, but its light. Something akin to a light massage oil or for those of you who’ve never had a massage, like sun tan oil? But clear in color (Don’t let that orange tinted bottle deceive you). It does have a scent but it’s not too overbearing or too offensive. I’m very particular about smells and have definitely discontinued the use of a product due to a hideous scent. So my fellow sensitive noses, feel at ease, this one is pretty ok. Kind of florally, but light, very light.

Grease Factor: I think this was my greatest fear when I read the word “Oil”.  I thought “GREAT! I’m gonna put OIL all over my face and then….sleep?!? Won’t I be one gigantic, greasy, pizza faced monster when I wake up?!?!” It WILL feel slightly oily upon initial application, but give it a minute or so and the oil takes to your skin leaving it nicely moisturized. You’re left feeling all dewy and lovely. I mean, I put this on UNDER my make up for heaven sakes, and its been wonderful so far.

Scars: Yes, it diminished my acne scars. I kind of can’t believe how quickly. It really has. I’m a pale, fair skinned lady and I definitely pick at my acne sometimes, which of course is one of the easiest ways to scar your face. It really worked. It really did. I don’t get to say that about a lot of products, so I’ll repeat. It REALLY worked.

Acne: This one surprised me most of all. I put the bio-oil on my skin when I was developing breakouts and it GREATLY reduced the life span of each and every pimple. I still got them because look, I’m a human being and I’m get some raging hormonal breakouts. However, I was truly surprised at how quickly my pimples went away. This category alone would convince me to buy it over and over again. A completely unexpected benefit I flat out didn’t see coming. God, I hate pimples.

Price (And Where to Buy): The cost is around $20 everywhere I looked. Considering the fact that is really goes a long way, I’m a month into using it twice daily and I’ve barely used half the bottle, it’s not that expensive.

The most popular places to buy are: Target, Ulta, Walgreens and Wal-mart. (I recommend checking with your local stores to see if they have it in stock, or of course you could order online)



I did not use a single filter on any of these photos. Before or AFTER.


IMG_4132 IMG_4131 

My skin is dry, sad looking, dull, scarred and damaged. Oof, these are painful to show.


IMG_4572 IMG_4573


You can tell I’ve had a few pimples lingering.

(this was right around my period, a usual pimple parade)

But the elasticity and the fading scars blow my mind every time. I think the change is huge for just a month, I’m really happy!

This really was an A+++ experiment for me. I’m not usually this floored or impressed with a skin care product and I’ve tried bunches. I’m just so happy. It really worked, it really did. I hope others have had this same experience and are rocking some seriously luscious skin. I’m looking forward to trying this on my stretch marks too!


2 thoughts on “Bio Oil: Baby Angels in a Bottle

  1. This was really helpful thank you! I’m currently using bio oil to try and fade my acne scars but I’ve only been using it a few days but now I’m hopeful and excited for results! How long would you say it took to see progress?


  2. Thank you for the before and after photos. I know how much it sucks to do “without” make up photos…like little evidence scene pics…but they make all the difference in an article like this! And I’m still planning a trip to target to get this little gem product. (Jury’s still out on if I will do before and afters)


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