My Colors Are Blush And Bashful

blush and bashful

Despite my Wednesday Addams sensibilities, I’ve suddenly found myself drawn to the Shelby Eatenton Latcherie end of the color spectrum. Shelby is the pink obsessed character in Steel Magnolias, who famously bathed the church in her favorite shades of pink, blush and bashful, for her wedding. I actually do like the color pink, but usually for things like water bottles or a hot pink patent leather wallet. But recently I’ve been on pink overload: lipstick, blush (I’ve stubbornly resisted wearing blush for years), shoes, and HATS – you name it, I’ll look to see if it comes in pink. Let’s indulge my inner Shelby and bathe this whole fleeky world in pink for a bit…

Physician Formula Blush

Obviously, we’re starting with blush. I don’t know why I had such an aversion to blush all these years, I’m kind of an idiot. Being a blush novice I decided to start slow and try a budget-friendly drugstore brand instead of shelling out for something more expensive. I went with Physician’s Formula Happy Booster (about $12), it has natural plant extracts that are supposed to promote happy feels “by mimicking the effect of endorphins and helping protect the skin from environmental stress.” That’s all very scientific, but I chose it because it’s in the shape of hearts. Another drugstore brand I might try is Milani, they’ve got a limited edition Rose Powder Blush available for about $8. Once I nail down my blush game, I’m trading up to Too Faced Love Flush!

kvd bauhau5
Next up is a pink lipstick that’s Shelby-worthy, Kat Von D’s Everlasting Lipstick in Bauhau5 (previously seen in our 7 Day Lipstick Challenge post). It’s a vibrant, crazy, cuckoo catchoo shade of pink and I loooooove it. For other pinker than pink options you can also try: Pinky Promise by Dose of Colors ($18), Lipstick Queen’s Cupid’s Bow in Eros ($22), or Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick ($7-$9) has a couple of pretty pink shades (Sultry Samba and Fuchsia Shock would be my picks).
Now comes the part that makes my heart race and my cheeks flush in all shades of blush and bashful… the clothes. Do you go full Shelby and do head-to-toe pink, or dial it back and go for small doses of the stuff? Whatever you decide, I put together some of my favorite ways to wear pink. Let’s dive in, shall we?
Fleek in pink

There is nothing I love more (at the moment) than a skirt, especially a midi skirt and bodysuit (or cami) combo. It’s a fun mix and lets me play around with different combinations – like real life paper dolls. I gravitate towards A-line, circle, and skater shapes because they’re the most flattering to my figure. A skater skirt is a short circle skirt that falls above the knee, and as you may have already guessed, looks like an ice skater’s skirt. The one featured above (top row) is available here for $30 in sizes small to 3X. My other skirt obsession is the high-waisted midi, midi skirts are mid-calf length and are sort of a throwback to 70s styles. I normally never wear hems below the knee, but midi skirts changed my tune. I wear them with bodysuits so I get a nice balance of fitted on top and more volume at the bottom. That gorgeous floral print midi seen in the photo is here, the shimmery pink midi in the bottom row is from Choies and is under $20 (!), check out another bargain priced solid pink midi (only $20!), and lucky for us – Eloquii has their Studio Midi Skirt in pink on sale for 40% off here.

The world of skirts exploded for me when my mom (hi, Maria!) told me she would make them for me if I bribed her with In-N-Out burgers and kept her freezer stocked with vodka. Lena Dunham told me she loved my parasol print skirt at her book signing, my immediate reaction was to shout, “my mom made it!”. Halloween fabric just arrived in craft stores, and I’ve already done two rounds of fabric shopping. If you don’t have sewing skills (or know anyone who’s willing to teach you or make stuff for you), check out etsy, there are tons of options for all sizes!

Ughhh…. this is where I reveal my fashion blind spot, tops. I am totally lost unless it’s a sweater, cami, or bodysuit (the Forever 21+ ones are perfection). I’m working on it, promise. Just today I almost wore an actual blouse! Almost…

Let’s keep it simple and start with the little number in the top row, it’s a Splendid top from Net-A-Porter that’s priced at $120. Um, I’m sure it’s suuuuper nice, but no. Target saves the day with a couple of similar tops, here and here. I found some plus size options at Simply Be, this pullover tunic at Torrid, and yet another from Torrid.

Even though it’s broiling hot as I type this, sweater weather is just around the corner… and that means SWEATERS!! I might set aside my normal black and white stripes for this pink version, or this one. But then how could I resist this fluffy cotton candy sweater? Or this one?! If fluff isn’t your thing, you can try this option Simply Be.

I hear a chorus of angels, which means it must be time to talk about shoes. If these hot pink Doc Martens don’t get your heart racing, you and I will never fully understand each other. Or maybe we can come together on these pink Chuck Taylors in low or high tops? How would you feel about heels that are super cute and also really comfortable and easy to walk around in? Please meet Swedish Hasbeens. As much as I love a sky-high glamazon heel, they’re just not realistic for day to day, which is why I love the Hasbeens so much. They’re not cheap, but they are so worth the price! The two in the photo above are the Kringlan (also available in a lower heel) and the Pearl.

And there we have it, I somehow turn an afternoon viewing of Steel Magnolias into an excuse for buying a bunch of new pink stuff. Okay, fine, I guess I’m also trying to expand my fashion and beauty horizons with colors and styles I’d been to chicken to try before. Even if pink isn’t your thing, go on with your bad self and try something new! It’s fun, and doesn’t have to be scary, weird, or expensive.


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