10 Times Doctor Who Hit Us Right In The Feels

Doctor Who Logo

Have you ever loved a show and its main character(s) so much it feels like your heart might explode from the overwhelming feels? It’s not just us, right…? Obviously it takes a very special show to elicit this type of reaction, not just from a couple of weird girls who drink too much wine and have entire conversations purely in gif form, but in millions of people all over the world. Well, my friends, that show is Doctor Who. The Doctor is the king of my feels, ranging from the weepies to the hysterical laughies. I literally tear up when I watch clips or talk about certain episodes, or sometimes get so excited I make myself (and whoever I’m talking to) dizzy. Sure, it’s a little mortifying when it happens at work, but if you’re a fan of the show –  you get it.

amy pond hug crySeason 9 of Doctor Who is premiering on BBC America on September 19th, to celebrate the event and our love for the Doctor, we offer you these 10 times Doctor Who gave us all the feels.

1.) David Tennant’s unabashed joy at being the 10th Doctor.
ten 3d glassesten shoes up on desk  ten allonsylike a boss

I firmly believe the reason Tennant’s 10th Doctor is a fan favorite is that you can feel how excited he is to actually be playing the Doctor, and that energy is transferred straight into our hearts. #forevertennant

2.) Sometimes there are romantic feels, like this moment with the Doctor (sort of, it’s a long story) and Rose (Billie Piper).
ten rose kiss

3.) The Van Gogh episode.
van gogh 1 van gogh 2 van gogh 3

I can’t even think about this episode without my eyes welling up, and if you aren’t moved by this one – forget it. You’re a heartless beast and I want nothing to do with you.

4.) The magic chemistry between the 10th Doctor and Donna Noble (Catherine Tate), tears of laughter count as feels too.
ten noble mate 1

ten noble mate 2

ten noble mate 3

ten noble mate 4

ten noble mate 5

5.) Fish fingers and custard. Also known as the time Matt Smith nursed my broken heart as the sweet and tender 11th Doctor.

fish fingers and custard

6.) That moment that made everyone cheer/gasp during The Day Of The Doctor.
who capaldi

7.) The Ponds… oh my god, THE PONDS.
come along pond

8.) That time the Doctor spanked Clara… While it was just for show, it’s gives us an idea of what the Doctor thinks is appropriate boyfriend behavior. J’approuve!
eleven spank

9.) When Captain Jack Harkness felt our feels too.
captain jack

10.) Best exit line ever.
I dont want to go


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