Fast Fleeks: How to be Fleek in a Flash!

I’m going to START things off with a disclaimer.

****I originally wrote this post in the style of an “all over guide to staying fleek in a flash”.

When in all actuality this post came to me as a result of the following****

 Have you ever gone out drinking with friends, gotten so intoxicated tired that you decided to sleep over at someone else’s house instead of waiting to sober  wake up and drive home  because you’ve got to get your fun-loving patootie up for work in the morning? WELL, I just did this. This just happened to me and I was totally saved by a few simple items that I carry in my purse everyday!

Now I’ll take you back to the post as originally planned.

Life can be an extremely wild and hectic place sometimes. We gals here at Fleek Week know how hard it is to juggle careers with friends, family, and passions. It’s definitely easy to fall behind on your fleekiness if you’re just trying to keep your head above water! Here are a few simple items that I’ve gotten in the habit of carrying with me or that I keep stocked in my wardrobe at all times. These items help me stay at my Fleekiest, even when I’m completely exhausted and everything is hard.

 Travel Make-Up Bag:IMG_4934I put this first for a very good reason. An “on fleek” face will keep your spirits up, even if your exhausted. Keep a small makeup bag in your purse with you….at ALL times…I repeat..ALL TIMES. Your face will probably need a light touch up at some point in the day. Items I keep in my make up bag are:

  • Foundation, a compact works best because of its ease and overall design, it’s meant to be carried with you.
  • Concealer PenSephora makes a great one and its only 14 dollars! Hey, a pimple could happen or if you’re like Katy, your under eye circles are a genetic force to be reckoned with.
  • Lipstick – generally the shade you started with or maybe a couple of shades to take you from a Day time to Night Time look. Also great for the days when you just didn’t feel like putting on eye liner. Lipstick can be a nice pop of chic when you were too tired to even attempt to draw those damn things even.
  • Travel Hair Brush (I don’t feel I need to even explain this one).
  • Tweezers – May sound kind of strange but I can’t tell you how many times tweezers have saved my dark-haired behind. I’m all for a natural look but there is NOTHING un-fleekier than checking your make up in the car mirror and getting horrifyingly distracted by your unwanted facial hair, like …nothing. Those of you that wax, thread or laser on the regular, I’m so very proud of you. But if you’re like me and just flat out forget because that’s how you are, tweezers are a godsend for unwanted hair. A mother flippin’ GOD SEND.
  • Inexpensive Mascara – this isn’t something I’d suggest for your everyday look but its a good idea to keep this in your makeup bag if you run into a “why did I fall asleep and oh crap I’ve gotta be at work in an hour!” sort of situation! I would recommend ELF Mascara because it’s a couple of dollars at MOST! You’ll feel no buyers remorse and you can just keep it in your make up bag incase you run into an emergency beauty 911 type situation.
  • The Bag – If you want cute bags to put all this in I suggest Forever21. They are always somewhere around the store and super cute colors, styles, sizes. You’ll WANT to put this bag into your purse. The above pictured bag is from Forever21! 

Build on the Basics:

IMG_4935You’re probably no stranger to the idea of including “basics” in your wardrobe but it’s a trusted method for a reason. If you’re working long hours like we do and are balancing all sorts of different responsibilities PLEASE have some basic “go to” items that you can throw on in a rush and still feel ultra fab. For me those items include:

  • Some sort of comfortable heel in a neutral (Black, Grey, Brown, Tan): Be it a kitten heel, a heeled boot (my personal fav) or whatever you feel comfortable wearing. A slight heel takes even the most basic outfit up a notch, making you sleeker and fleeker.
  • Simple flats – On that same note, a cute pair of flats that you can just slip on in the morning are a dream and a godsend. And they don’t have to be black. My go to pair are bright electric blue with a tiny peep toe. They work with almost everything. I bought them for 12 dollars at H&M and they add a dash of fleek to a simple outfit.
  • Dark Bottoms – Pants, Skirts, Dark Denim. Instant sophistication without even trying. So if you’re getting dressed in the dark…at 5:30 in the am after roughly 4 hours of sleep, those dark bottoms are going to pair so well with almost ANY top in your closet, even if your eyes aren’t open enough to make an informed decision. They make getting dressed SO easy!
  • Basic Neutral Dress – Nowadays that “little black dress” could be grey, black, navy, cream or salmon. As long as it’s a simple cut and has classic lines, you can throw on different shoes or accessories and you’re chic in a flash.
  • Grab and go Accessories – For me its a long ship necklace that I can pair with almost any top or dress. Or my huge Turquoise ring. Anything you can grab, toss on and add to your look. Less is always more in this department so if you’re having any doubt, just leave it out.

Shop the Travel Sized Sections and Sample Size! IMG_4936_2

  • Next time you’re in Target or any one of your local super stores take a gander through the travel sized section. You’ll find an array of products like lotions, dry shampoos, kleenex, lint rollers, deodorants etc that you can keep in your purse or in your car that will give you a boost when you feel like you need it! Or when have no choice because you sometimes fail at Adult-ing and have to rely on your back up deodorant stash, lest you subject your co-workers to your ode de hangover.
  • Also, one of my fav cheap fleeks if you don’t feel like purchasing a travel sized perfume bottle. Ask for a sample of your favorite fragrance at your local Sephora. They’re always generous with samples and you’ll have a little mini “just in case” bottle.

Perhaps this is nothing new for you. Perhaps you pulled a tip or two out of this. Or maybe you just enjoyed my ramblings on a drunken night … turned panic at the disco workday morning rush.


Stay Fleeky, in a dash, flash, or with time to spare.


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