Hold On To Your Boots

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… it’s time to go boot shopping for fall! You can take your summer and shove it in a sand castle, gimme that crisp autumn weather any day. The end of summer should be celebrated, not dreaded. It means Halloween is just around the corner, black tights over unshaved legs, warm sweaters and jackets, and BOOTS. I already bought my first pair, and am on the hunt for another. I put together my favorite boot styles in both budget ($50 and under) and splurge ($50 and over), just click on the thumbnail under each set for the details of that particular pair. What’s your boot pleasure?

Being on a budget doesn’t have to cramp your style, keep an eye out for sales (duh) or go second hand. Pre-owned boots can be great, not only do you get a deal on the price, but someone else has already broken them in for you. Sometimes you sacrifice quality for style, but that’s okay (just except it ahead of time). Those $15 motorcycle boots from Target with the crochet insert? Sure, they may not make it to 2016, but they’re fun while they last.


Under $50 Fall Boots

Sometimes you just fall in love with a certain pair and decide it’s worth all those extra shifts and long days, and you splurge some of your hard earned money on yourself. I try to make sure these splurgeworthy (my ode to Elaine Benes) purchases are higher quality pairs that will last for a least a few years. Usually it’s something in black leather, but I am eyeing that pair of purple Doc Martens so hard right now.


$50 and Up


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