Beauty School Drop Out: Katy tries out a lipstick tip, sage advice or not so nice?

I love the idea of wearing lipstick. I adore it. I feel it’s instant chic. Especially if you’re really struggling with your eyeliner in the morning (I mention this a lot because it’s almost daily for me) or you need to put your face on in a hurry. Simple eyes, pop of lipstick and you’re SET! However, when it comes to wearing lipstick daily, my fierce tomboy roots kind of set me back in the confidence department and I think I’ve figured out why.

Since I ran away kicking and screaming from anything I categorized as “Girlie” (I was stupid), I never had anyone show me how to do things properly, even though my sister would have LOVED to, I wasn’t having it. So part of my low lipstick self esteem comes from sheer and utter ignorance. I’m not confident if it looks right because quite frankly….is it right? Thanks to our dear friend, the internet, I found an easy solution, tips and tutorials. So I  tried out a hodgepodge combination of tons of tutorials I found on blogs like Beautylish and Makeup Tips and others.

how-to-apply-color-lipstick                            tumblr_inline_mt01j6TxTj1qz4rgp-1

Essentially these are the steps I took after my endless google search:

1. Moisturize your bare lips with a lip balm.

2. Foundation on your lips. (smile when you apply so it gets in the creases)

3. Line your lips. (I’m still twerking this one out perfectly and I like a cupid’s bow)

4. Apply lipstick.

5. Touch up areas around your lips with foundation. I tend to feel the most worried about my bottom lip so that’s where I focused.

6. Your finished lip!

So how did our Beauty Beginner Do?!


I have to say, this is the most confident I’ve EVER felt wearing lipstick. I know it’s not a very bright color and let’s be honest, it’s basically my natural lip color. But it’s a HUGE step for me to feel like I did something correctly.

Maybe next I’ll go for a red or HOT PINK (I do own it)

Also, here are the products I used:


 Foundation: Bare Minerals.

Brushes: E.l.f. and EcoTools

Lipstick: Urban Decay

Lip Liner: Sephora

Thanks for checking out my Beauty Triumphs and Blunders! Got any tips, suggestions or other things I should try? Leave a comment and I just might try it! Did someone say, white eye-liner?!


Can we end on us all collectively agreeing that foundation over your lips is the most peculiar and creepiest looking sight to be seen. It wigs me out man.


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