Fleek On The Cheap: 25 Under $25

It’s Friday, let’s spend our paychecks on everything! Ugh, okay… we have to be responsible with our stupid money. How about we spend only $25 or less, deal? Here are 25 cute, fun, quirky, ridiculous items you absolutely need to buy, all $25 or less!

1.) Gold Peanut Necklace – $22 Pygmy Hippo Shoppe
I can’t handle how cute this peanut necklace is, I think Katy and I need to buy a matching pair immediately. Everything at Pygmy Hippo is beyond adorable and you should buy all of it and let me borrow it.

2.) Ghost iPhone Case – $24 Valfre
I love Valfre’s phone cases, I love them so much that I can’t commit to upgrading my phone because I can’t bare the thought of having to abandon my existing cases.

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3.) Burger & Fries Lunch Bags – $8/each Target
These lunch bags make brown bag lunches seem 900% more fun, get em while you can at Target!
4.) Luxury Box of French Macarons – $18 for 6 Macaron Cafe
Take your BFF on a picnic and bring a luxury box of French goodies! Or just buy a box for yourself and gorge on them during your next Netflix binge.

5.) Switchblade Comb – $8.50 Plasticland
You’re already pretty cool, but how much cooler will you be when you whip this out at your next work meeting?

6.) Ceramic Hedgehog Planter – $12 West Elm
Create your own ceramic wonderland on your windowsill or brighten up your work space with this little cutie!

7.) Ugly Buddies – $20 Ugly Dolls
Not one, but TWO, Ugly Dolls for only twenty doll-airs!

8.) Skull Towel – $12.95 Williams Sonoma
Halloween came so early to retail stores this year! Williams Sonoma has this listed as “online only”, but I got mine in-store and only paid $9.95. Mwahahahahaha!

9.) Foxy Scarf – $20 ModCloth
Hey, foxy lady…

10.) Canelé – $25/dozen Market Day Canelé
I am so obsessed with these delicious caramelized, custardy French pastries and you should be too. Want to order a dozen and share them?

11.) Tote Bags – $18-$24 Society 6
I can’t live without totes, I keep my totes inside other totes. Society 6 has tons of them, including the Emotional Baggage one pictured above by Gemma Correll. Totes are taking over the world, so you can find tons of them for under $25 without even breaking a sweat. Totes.

12.) Electric Tea Kettle – $25 Bodum
I have always wanted an electric tea kettle, now I have no excuse. Only twenty-five bucks and you can pretend you’re English and walk around on the other side of the sidewalk.

13.) Day of the Dead Corkscrew – $24.95 Crate & Barrel

14.) Mini Handheld Fan – $3 AliExpress
Keep it cool and cute for only $3. THREE DOLLARS!

15.) Sephora Goodies – $25 and under Sephora
Sephora has a whole section of goodies for $25 and under, they make good gifts or lil treats for yourself.


16.) From the Deep Cup & Saucer – $18 Anthropologie
Anthropologie has absolutely zero clothing items that would fit me, but they do kind of make up for it with some cool housewares goodies. One of the best things I’ve ever bought was a Marie Antoinette themed cake plate, which I have never actually used but whatever.

17.) Thanksgiving Turkey Ring – $20 Le Petite Bonbon
I love Thanksgiving, because it means my mom will make mole with all the turkey leftovers. I finally got the turkey hat I’ve been coveting for two years, and it will go perfectly with this ring from Le Petite Bonbon. Sylvia has such cute items, I can’t deal.

18.) Pretty Polly Suspender Tights – $25 Pretty Polly
My fabulous friend Marie gave me a pair of these Pretty Polly suspender tights for Christmas one year, and I fell in love with them the instant I put them on. Trompe l’oeil tights, that look like you’re wearing saucy suspenders (garters) but are regular full leg tights. They’re amazing quality and fit like a damn dream, they’re available in “Curves” and one-size.

19.) Cashmere Socks – $18 The Sock Drawer
Up your comfy game with some cashmere socks, spend that extra money to swathe your tootsies in the lap of luxury!


BJ umbrella

20.) Betsy Johnson Umbrella – $18 Betsy Johnson
What better to cheer you up on a rainy day than a cheery Betsy Johnson umbrella?


meowingtons bag
21.) Glam Cat Makeup Bag – $24 (+ add’l 60%off!) Meowingtons
As if this wasn’t adorable enough, Meowingtons currently has an extra 60% off the entire store! Use the promo code “FALL” to get your kitty themed bargains.


22.) Statement Ring – under $25 Shop Prima Donna
I had trouble picking out just one ring before realizing they were all under $25!


23.) Portable Wine & Champagne Holders – $9.99 Bed Bath & Beyond
An elegant solution for boozy folks on the go, we’re buying a set for the next Fleek Week meeting.


24.) Thorine Dog Pillow – $8.99 IkeaDo I even need to say anything? Okay, I’ll say this: there’s also a guitar and a hedgehog playing a keyboard.


25.) Boogie on Theremin Stationary – $12 – $20 by Doggie Drawings
Boogie the Boston Terrier on a theremin! You can get 3 to 10 cards for under $20, and you need these cards. If you aren’t as obsessed with Bostons as I am, Lily Chin (Doggie Drawings) will make any and all of your doggie dreams come true. Don’t believe me? Please go check out her Dogs of the World or Doggie Tops!





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