Boys on Fleek : Men’s Wardrobe Musts!

Hey there Fellas! Today on Fleek Week we’re giving you XY’s some love with our Boys On Fleek Post! Below is a list of items we think EVERY guy should have in their wardrobe as staples. Come on guys, get Fleeky with us! *photos link you to shop, just click!

  1. Let’s start from the bottom and work our way up. SHOES.
  • A great pair of shoes are really crucial for a guy’s wardrobe. I feel as if my shoe tendencies have always been a bit on the masculine side. I love the idea of shoes, but REALLY truly only switch back and forth between 2 different pairs, routinely . So I feel pretty confident in my selection of Men’s kicks ranging from casual to dressy.
  • A Classic Shoe like these longwings seen here from Aldo, Priced $125.00 (NOT bad for a good quality shoe guys.) Going with classic means its never going to go out of style. They also have these in 4 different colors, Forest Green, Cognac, Bordeaux and Black *as pictured.  You could also do a loafer or dessert shoe if that’s more your style. What’s a dessert shoe? Here you go.
  • A Casual Boot. Lace up is always great! The one’s pictured are on the pricier side but for you gents on a budget. Check out Urban Outfitters Sale Racks, Target has a lot of great boots this season or Thrift at stores like Buffalo Exchange!
  • Your SUPER fancy Dress Up Shoe. You know, something you can wear with a tux or any super formal ensemble. You don’t have to break the bank either, these are from Target for $39.99 but don’t look it.
  • A Simple Sneaker. I like to go with super classic 50’s 60’s style vans. Again, simple yet stylish. A good rule of thumb is “classic” looks are classic for a reason. The clean lines of Vans and similar styles are HARD to beat. Trends are great but you usually get bored with a trend after sometime. A clean line goes with everything. Plus play around with a different color, maybe a burgundy or teal? Maybe even a pattern. If you stick with classic styles, it’s easier to branch off with a little personal touch, while making sure you can still make these shoes work with your current wardrobe. So if you’re not a dress shoe type dude, try out something more casual AND STILL Look super sharp brah!

PIRALLE_45_RG_32454cdee7a5cd64_-_esq-04-must-have-shoes-wolverine-work-boots-2013-mdn-1                             14598710   Vans-Era-59-Steel-Gray-Multi-Stripe-VN-0UC6AR0-3_zps7fb0201a

2. Everybody pants now! It’s all about the FIT.

  • Great Fitting DENIM.  I mean GREAT fitting. None of this loose, we have no idea what you’re working with garbage. I speak for all people who are attracted to men… when I say. We’re done with it! Get PANTS THAT FIT. Levi’s would be my global GO to recommendation. Again, they’ve been around FOREVER. Try 511s? or go IN and try a bunch on! Find the fit that works JUST for you. They have an array of colors and washes but, if you’re stumped…Go Dark Denim. Goes with T-shirts to Dress Shirts to Blazers. You have a staple son. Plus, you can buy them in SO MANY PLACES: Levi’s Stores *duh*, Macy’s, most major department stores in fact. Classic and Everywhere, WIN FREAKING WIN!
  • Trousers or Slacks. Again, fellas. WITH the fit! Don’t be scared to have pants that FIT you. For trousers, I say Express would be a great place to start. They have a great selection for your desired fit from Extra Slim to More Relaxed.
  • Classic Chino.  Not quite jeans, not quite slacks. Casual but still looking good. And again, guys….the fit.

30993_WO7839_m  new_35_383_3173_091  cn9487822

3. Shirts. This category isn’t too complicated. It’s really a personal style choice but, here are a list of recommendations if you’re finding yourself style stumped! Just again, make sure they fit you!

Solid Button Downs: Flannel, Denim and Classic Oxford (Great for the office!)

Casual Shirts: V-necks, Crew Necks or my personal fav the raglan tee!

blue-denim-shirt-tobacco-chinos-large-372b25ece91282c04c164f5e1239360548d                                      30429401_010_d38e3447ebb01285b6fbdf5fbb02fbe3e

4. Jackets! 

  • I kind of want to scream this one from the mountain top. A solid few jackets can mix and match, dress up or dress down ALL of the items in your wardrobe.
    • Denim, Leather or Bomber Jacket – For the casual times, a very every day jacket.
    • Blazer – You can pair with jeans for casual wear or with dress pants if you need to up your fancy level a bit.
    • Overcoat – unless you live in a warm climate, a solid winter coat is a MUST. I would say stick to something you can wear with the dressiest of attire and also something you wouldn’t mind tossing over a sweater and jeans.

Mens-Casual-Fashion-Style-13 LEVI-DENIM-JACKET-W-BLACK-BOOTS-TIE-Zachary-Gray      36268951_031_b  35b4d25c4265a21f6dd4510a0b6ed1cf

5. Make it completely your own! – A few fun additions you may want to try!

  • Suspenders – a little extra flare from a belt.
  • A great watch – Personally, I find this one super sexy. It’s a willingness to REALLY commit to a look and of course…punctuality is hot.
  • Hats – This can be a really scary area for guys but hats are GREAT. Whenever a guy dares to be different and pulls it off, he can GET it.
  • Sunglasses – If you wear terrible sunglasses, we are never making out.


So there you have it. A selection of Men’s Wardrobe Musts. Now fellas go shopping!


Worried I forgot about the Suit!?!?

Don’t you Fret… There’s a whole post in the works dedicated to that Mammoth of a wardrobe must!


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