Friday Favorites: Katy’s Favorite Finds of the Week!

You. Guys. It’s Friday.

 This week felt extra long. This was me, every minute of every day. already-did-something-today It just felt like a never ending train of stupid. The only thing that got me through this week was making this list of recent purchases that are currently blowing my mind! Well also, wine. Wine helped. Thank you wine, Momma loves you.

But we don’t have to dwell on those troubles anymore because it’s Friday and it’s glorious and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to share with you the items that are currently rocking my socks off!

  • SmashBox Photo Finish Color Correcting Primer – So, this one isn’t 100 % NEW to me. I’ve used this before many times. However, this product and I have this awkward relationship where IT knows I need it but, I always run out and take it for granted and forget how much my skin adores it. Then I make a mad dash to Sephora and replace my supply.  It’s a miraculous product for me. It’s application is so soft and fluffy but not greasy! It leaves your skin moisturized, primed, color corrected and makes applying foundation a DREAM! My face and skin couldn’t be happier! Also, if you’re not sold on the color-correcting angle, Smashbox makes a TON of different primers for each unique skin tone and type! Yay Smashbox! It’s on the pricier side of things for the full container, but I always buy the travel size for only $16 dollars at Sephora and it really goes a long way!


  • Pixi Beauty’s Undercover Crayon – I bought this one on a whim when I decided I had both the wrong color and wrong type of concealer for my complexion. I have genetically very dark under eye circles, so I decided it was high time to experiment with new concealing products! A coworker told me about a crayon type concealer she purchased from Target. Turns out it wasn’t the Pixie one, but I was pleased none the less. It’s great and long lasting coverage. I feel like it actually covers up my under eye circles with no more caking or getting into my tear ducts. <– That’s the worst. This one comes in these four shades: Cream, Nude, Warm and Peach. Plus, it’s available at Target. So Easy. It’s showing $14.00 on the Target website! 

***Spoiler*** I just looked at the Pixi Beauty website for the first time and there are a TON of different products I want to try, especially a rad eye liner that seems make or break! It’s showing $14.00 on the Target website! undercover-crayon-group-2-03jan15-web

  • Giovanni 2chic Cherry Blossom & Rose Petals Leave-in Conditioning & Styling Elixir: Has your hair ever given you those serious Haystack vibes? I was looking more Scarecrow than Dorothy. It was SO dry, probably from all the heat styling I do in the morning. So, I went on the prowl for a good quality leave in conditioner. Once again poking around the Target beauty aisle, I found this Giovanni Heat Styling Serum. I am honestly amazed at how great my hair looks. I put it on whether I’m heat styling or not and either way, it looks amazing, smells great and is seemingly going to last me quite a long time. Soft, silky and never greasy. I adore it. Plus, it’s all kinds of goodness for your hair! Right now its listing for $8.09 on the Target website.


  • Sephora Water Proof Eye Liner: Eye liner is basically a staple to my everyday make up routine. Once I got it somewhat down I knew I’d be applying it almost daily. However, my application skills really depend on what kind of applicator tip the product has. Any felt tip products and my eyeliner turns out more like Charlie Brown’s T-Shirt than a Good Cat Eye. Good Grief! So I asked Vanessa if she could give me any pointers and she nudged me in the direction of Sephora’s Black Eyeliner, inexpensive but still worth the few bucks you have to spend. So far, I’m feeling it! Right now it lists for $12.00 on the Sephora website and comes in 6 shades, including a navy blue which I really want to try!


  • Güd Shampoo in Pearanormal Activity –  Pronounced “Good”, from the makers of Burt’s Bees comes this line of hair care products. I love this shampoo for that mother flippin’ NAME ALONE! Come on Marketing Department…homerun! I hope you brought pizza to the office and celebrated. Now for the actual review: I haven’t had any of the build up or dryness I’ve seen from other shampoos I had been using. It’s got a great scent and isn’t too pricey for what you’re getting! Plus, there is something to be said for the Burt’s Bee’s name. It’s a name we’ve all grow to trust. (Have you seen Burt’s Documentary yet? It’s on Netflix and it’s well worth your time!)13943292

So there you have it my bug a boos. A list of Favorites for your Friday Fleeks! One great thing I noticed is almost ALL of these products can be purchased at your local super store. I love going into Sephora or Ulta and just browsing but if you don’t have the luxury or the time to do so, knowing you can purchase almost all of these items at a Target is a beauty blessing! Now, I’m off to see how much of my paycheck I can blow on those Pixi Products while still being able to feed myself for awhile. Fleek on!


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