Caped Crusaders: We could be heroes, so let’s dress like them

Capes are having a moment right now. The weather here in California isn’t exactly cooperating with my fantasy of a warm and cozy fall wardrobe,  but since when have I ever let reality interrupt a fashion fantasy? They are just so damn chic and effortless,  easy for all sizes to wear, and make you look and feel like a fashionista super hero… what’s not to love?!

zara mohair capeLet’s start nice and slow, with a capelet. See? It’s not so scary, just a little baby cape, nothing too crazy. The one pictured above is a mohair capelet from Zara and I want it. Flip the school girl look upside down with this plaid BB Dakota number from ModCloth, I want this one too. If you’re still a little wary, ease in with this simple knit capelet from The Limited. Is it weird that the first thing I thought when I saw this pumpkin spice cape jacket from Urban Outfitters is that I wondered how I’d look wearing it without pants?

modcloth symphotic capeNow that you’ve waded into my cape pool, I’m going to splash you right in your beautiful face with some fun textures. First up is the Symphonic State of Mind cape from ModCloth, it’s furry and swirly which normally sounds gross but in this case it’s gorgeous. You can channel your inner retro siren with this faux fur cape from Simply Be, or this dark faux fur version from Overstock. I want to live in this Jameela Jamil sequin cape – I’m not kidding, if I ever had to be reborn as an article of clothing I’m coming back as this cape.

zara pipe cape

Now that we’ve had a couple of appetizers, let me bring you the main course. For lack of better words (and creativity), these are the longer, full-on cape capes. Let’s start with this classic black cape from Zara, it’s got everything you could want from a starter cape. Here’s a plus-size option of the longer classic cape from Simply Be. There’s a slightly less dramatic version from H&M in black and burgundy, and Nasty Gal has the Rayanne cape in gray and black – although personally these would feel like cape training wheels. Oooh, pair up a classic herringbone pattern with the cape drama like in the Beacon Hill Breakfast Cape from ModCloth. If you feel like you might get lost in these capes, you can weave a belt through the arm holes (it would go under the cape in the back and not be seen) so you can enjoy a flowy cape in the back and a more fitted look in the front.

modcloth central park sashayIf you’d rather have the belt option built in, perhaps you’d like something like the Central Park Sashay Cape? Confessions of a 30-something drama queen: I literally gasped the first time I saw it on the screen. Here’s another belted wrap/cape from New York & Co., and one more from Jolly Chic. It isn’t belted, but the Mural Cape Blazer from Nordstrom has a bit more structure than a regular cape, like a cape and tuxedo jacket had a baby!

modcloth ticket to ferry ride

Last but not least we have the knit, shawl style capes for maximum coziness. I’m kind of in love with the Ticket to Ferry Ride cape from ModCloth, I think it would look incredible with some black skinny jeans. I never got into the Big Lebowski chunky cardigan thing, but the closest I’d get would be something like: Knitted Cape from Simply Be, this reversible houndstooth cape from Addition Elle, or this southwestern print poncho from Macy’s.

I live to have fun with my clothes, and have always marched to the beat of my own maracas when it comes to fashion. Even if capes aren’t your thing, don’t forget to have a little fun in the dressing room once in a while. Try on something you normally wouldn’t, then send Snapchats to your friends and either have a laugh or discover how devastatingly delicious you look in culottes. I’ll put my money where my mouth is and finally try on a pair of palazzo pants (ya heard me Dana!).

super girl


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