Beauty School Drop Out: Pixi Beauty “Cat Eye Ink” Review.

I love black eye liner. I love it almost as much as I love taking my first sip of coffee in the morning, which is really saying a lot. It can be a challenge to master the perfect line and I’m definitely still perfecting my skills. There are so many different styles of liners to choose from: pencil, cream, liquid etc. If you’re relatively new to liner, like I am, it can be really hard to figure out what liner works best for you. So I was super excited to try out this Pixi Beauty “Cat Eye Ink.” It claims to be able to help you create the “perfect” cat eye. Let’s see if its true.

First impressions: I do really like the packaging. It’s simple, colorful and feels fresh. I’m a sucker for a good aesthetic. If you put something in a cute package…you have increased your chances of me buying it by about 1,000%. I was a little intimidated by the felt tip applicator. Those are always a struggle for me when trying to get my lines as straight as possible. I’ve tried them countless times and always go back to liquid brush type applicators. However, the slant of the liner sold me and I took my chances with the felt tip.


Application: So it’s a little confusing trying to figure out how to approach making a line with this slanted applicator. Petra has a video on the Pixi Beauty website and suggest you draw the cat eye flick in the corner of your eye first and then your typical line across the lash line, filling in as desired. What I gathered from the video was to apply the liner with the pointiest tip towards your waterline.

My results: Honestly, I think for the first time using this felt tip slanted applicator, they turned out pretty well! I love how thick and dark the liner itself is. It’s really rich and dense. Also, as far as felt tip applicators go, this was way more forgiving than some I’ve used in the past. One challenge I found was lining the parts of your eye where you want LESS liner. I found it hard to apply that fine delicate swoop from the start of your lash line. The other bigger issue I had was making sure the line itself was even. If you notice on the first picture my left eye is different than my right. That’s a bummer for me because you really want your lines to be symmetrical. Perhaps with more time and practice it’ll be a breeze. But I definitely found it way more challenging than my go to Sephora Liquid Liner. Once I got a better handle on the applicator I decided to try a more intense application and go for that thick Mod look, that worked really well and was pretty much a dream to apply. I think given the applicator tip is SO thick itself, it’s almost meant for it.

straight linefacecat eyeIMG_5361

Overall reaction: I wanted to be an instant cat eye pro with this applicator. I wasn’t. However, I do like it. It’s rich, thick and the liner itself applies pretty smoothly. Getting my eyes and lines to match could just be chocked up to user error. With a little more practice it could take me five second to apply a great cat eye.   It won’t be my everyday liner as I don’t like to do thick lines for work, I like a more subtle lightly lined eye. Yet, It will definitely go in rotation for my “show” looks when I’m playing with my band or out on tour. Intense eyes are always a plus on stage.

Cost: I think it’s definitely worth the money. I believe I paid about $12-14 dollars for this liner at Target. Which is something else I love, a good quality product at a pretty easy to find place. I love being able to pick up my beauty buys when I’m also buying toilet paper and R2D2 popcorn bowls. Call me a weirdo but I do.

So there you have it. I had a lot of fun with this liner and I’m excited to try to hone my skills. Has anyone else tried this liner? Did you love it or absolutely hate it? Comment below and let us know!


Now Cat Eye Up and go enjoy your glorious Friday you Fleek Weekers! You’ve earned it!


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