Easy Fall Cocktails you can ACTUALLY make!

I love a good cocktail, especially once we hit fall. There is just something about autumn, winter, spring and summer that make me yearn for a delicious cocktail! There are tons of celebrations, gatherings and meals to be shared during this time of year. Plus, a lot of my favorite libations pair REALLY well with autumnal foods and fruits. However, I get so frustrated whenever I look up a recipe online (what’s a cookbook?) to see the 25 steps and the hundreds of random special ingredients I would need to have in my fridge to prepare just the garnish on some of these beverages. When Mama wants a drink the most I will do is muddle and heat. That’s it. So if you’re like us here at Fleek Week and just want to get to the celebration without a lot of preparation, we think you’ll enjoy this list of quick and easy Fall Cocktails! Bottoms up babies!

***Warning lots of Apple Cider and Pumpkin Ahead. If you’re afraid to be Basic…Back away now***

Bourbon Maple Apple Cider 


 Apple Cider Moscow Mules


Apple Cider Punch


Cranberry Margaritas


Ginger Balls (the name is gold)


Hallowine Sangria


Pumpkin Apple Cider Cocktail 


Purple People Eater




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