Geek Chic : How to show off your nerdy side with style and class!

We need to confess something to you all, we are mega ultra galactic nerds. We wish our closets were “bigger on the inside”, our airplanes were invisible and have played a few symphonic band concerts in our day. However, sometimes it feels like there is this sense of compromise when it comes to expressing these nerdier pleasures through fashion. One fez too many and you’re verging on cosplay. Don’t get us wrong, we think Cosplay is smashing! We both dressed up as DC superheroes for Halloween but, being costumed out might not work for your everyday needs, especially if you work in a more conventional office environment. Yet do not FEAR our fellow geeks, we have a few tips that can help you incorporate your passions into your fashions!

  1. Just full on go for it

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There are some SUPER cute and totally nerdy dresses out there (a lot are comic book themed). Pair with a great lip, bag, heels and KAPOW! Amazing.

  1. The Geeked out Graphic Tee. 


Love a good nerdy t-shirt? Us too! Feel lost on how to style it? We have some solutions for you. If you work in a super open minded office where everyone rides around on scooters and plays ping pong during meetings, these may not apply to you and also… are you hiring? If you aren’t so lucky and need to play more by the dresscode here are a few ways to show your love while still #killingit like Harley Quinn.

Pair it with a blazer and dark denim. This works for both genders, or the gender you prefer to identify with. Pairing something really personal and fun with classic pieces not only keeps you chic…but puts you a STEP above the rest because you’re truly making it your own!

For those looking for a more feminine approach, pair your nerd-tastic t-shirt with a great pencil skirt, some flats or a pair of oxfords. The pencil skirt gives you enough of a kick while the flats compliment the more relaxed t-shirt nicely, keeping a super balanced look.


High-waisted pants and tucked in. You could do a high-waisted sailor pant, jeans or black pants. If you’re just dying to wear heels, this would be your look. Wearing heels to amp up a t-shirt is a really good idea and the fact you decided to wear a sweet graphic tee just makes you about…20% cooler.330124286e79a53159d4971e0efd1d13

Nerdy Jewelry and Accessories

J-NECK-105_down-the-rabbit-hole_Jewelry_1_2048x2048 hp30-2T315cc350d7882a9d8f5f0eff16700ad7

One of my favorite ways to express my love of all things geek is through subtle pieces of jewelry (for guys or gals). It’s also one of the most intimate ways to connect with other kindred spirits. Only a “whovian” would understand a “Hello Sweetie” necklace and it would be a great moment shared between you both. These little touches add so much of your personality to “traditional” looks and highlight your hobbies in the most sophisticated way.

For the household: 

Star-Trek-LLAP-Hand-DIY-Geek-Decor 1521_sw_han_leia_hand_towels_inuse zelda_sword_product

Decorating your house with all the things you love doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. There are amazing tasteful beautifully geeked out items to fill your home from Gallifrey to Tatooine.

Miscellaneous: Key Chain, Mugs for the Office, Cell Phone Holders

pTRU1-16927617dt images-3ijgk_sherlock_keychains_door

Your love of nerdom doesn’t have to be expressed only through what you’ve place on your body or in your home. A key chain, a coffee mug and an amazing cell phone holder go well with ANY outfit you could possibly think to muster up. If you possessed any of these above items, I would walk over to your desk and we would become fast friends.

So happy Geekin’ my dear ones! Be geek, be chic, be merry! Fleek Long and Prosper Baby Dolls!


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