Sweater Weather is Better Together: Tips on Pairing your Basic Sweaters with items you already own for a Fleeked out Winter Wardrobe!

If you’re on the east coast I’m sure you’ve been bundled up in your coziest of knits for a while now. But for all us west coast dwellers our temperatures have finally started reaching 60’s (don’t laugh at us you Northerners!), 50’s and yes indeed the 40’s. With the autumnal shift, the Fleek Week Girls are happy to announce that the most Beloved Sweater Weather is FINALLY HERE.

Now, there does come a danger of falling into the inevitable “winter rut” ie, a basic sweater and a pair of jeans. Well, do not fear. We’ve compiled a list of really fun alternatives to those basic sweater blues, check them out!

My personal favorite: The peter pan collar + basic sweater


 Basic Sweater and over a dress:


Basic sweater over a basic collared shirt with unbuttoned collar!


With buttoned collar:


Basic Sweater with a more detailed collar and necklace (triple threat!):


Basic sweater with a sweet statement necklace:


Basic Sweater under Overalls (Not sure I’d be gutsy enough, but I kinda LOVE it)


Basic Sweater under a blazer:

(and also the detailed collar, she did all the things. ALL THE THINGS!)


So there you have it, lovey doveys.

Ditch the hum drum “go to” of a sweater and jeans and have some fun with your winter with a few of these revamped ideas for your basic sweater!


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