What In The World Are We Sharing On Snapchat?

Just when you had your Instagram game down, here comes Snapchat to mess with your social media juggling act. I’ve recently taken a step back from Instagram, I should use this time more wisely but instead I started using Snapchat. The audience tends to be a little younger, but as with all things, us old people are hopping on to ruin the fun. The idea is that your Snaps are temporary, either to individual friends or to a 24-hour story you can keep private or allow anyone to view.

Just what exactly is going on, you might be asking. Well, here’s a peek into the Snap life of two Fleekers… enjoy.

The dressing room selfie: Cher Horowitz didn’t rely on mirrors, so why should we?

“Look what I bought at Sephora.”


Wardrobe investment pieces


We are adults with serious jobs to do.


Because that Halloween Fleek is like, whoa.

When I have to be at work in 30 minutes.

Before I upgraded to commercial-free Hulu and had 90 seconds to kill.


Trying to weasel out of work.


Food porn 


.99 Cent Store Adventures

Weather updates: in California, this is a polar vortex.

My true love

When I finally figured out how to include music in my videos.

Stumbling into good lighting + that weird Kardashian filter from last month

I managed to please that high maintenance client.

She’s got places to go and people to see.

How can you not?

But mostly it’s this:

   After showing you all the fun, I’ve got to add in this disclaimer. Because the Snaps are supposed to disappear it’s very tempting to let your guard down and get a little naughty. But of course, it’s not that simple! There’s been controversy surrounding the info Snapchat stores and there are ways of retrieving images that have expired. So either don’t send anything you aren’t comfortable sharing publicly, or cover up identifying marks and make sure your head is cropped out. Snap smart, my little treasures!


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