It’s A Face Mask Party And You’re Invited

For better or worse, our faces are impossible to ignore or escape. Here at Fleek Week headquarters we are constantly examining, high-fiving, or commiserating over our faces. During our many, many trips to Sephora we’ve noticed that face masks are suddenly everywhere. Sheet masks in particular are dominating some shelf space. We’ve spent the last couple of months trying out different masks and are ready to report our findings. Let’s all slip into our lab coats and gaze into our 25x magnifying mirrors.


 To be scientifically sound, we’ll start with a before photo – please do not judge my eyebrows. I don’t have any major skin issues, my main concerns are occasional eczema flare ups and some small areas of hyper-pigmentation. Stress is my face’s biggest enemy, if I’m wigging out it’s literally written all over my face.


Boscia righteningThe first mask I tried was  Boscia’s Sake Brightening Hyrdrogel Mask ($8).

The Boscia masks come in two pieces, and while they’re slippery little suckers, I found the separate sections make it easier to apply. The mask was nice and cool and the texture was kind of like a wet fruit roll-up. Once you get the mask on you sit back and relax for about 20 minutes. Then you peel the mask off and massage in any of the product left over into your face, don’t wash it off! Immediately afterward my skin felt softer and looked brighter, it was $8 very well spent.


     I noticed these lil’ eye masks at the Sephora checkout for only $5, as you can see I’ve got a thing for brightening masks.
  I wasn’t too bowled over by the eye masks, I don’t think eye masks are my thing – I’m an all or nothing gal. They were a little hard to place, I’m not sure what eye and face shape these were made for but it ain’t mine. I placed, replaced, then re-replaced and they never seemed to match the photo on the package. The mask felt nice, but my problem area isn’t my eyes so it didn’t seem to make any sort of difference.


check in.jpg

 Status check on my face: looking fresher and brighter, but also sporting a zit right under my lip. Rude.


sephora face masks.jpg

How can anyone resist this beautiful rainbow? Sephora sheet masks are only $6 and come in eight different formulas.

IMG_4220-0I went for the Pearl Mask, which is for perfecting and (you guessed it) brightening. The instructions are the same as the Boscia mask – slap it on, kick back for 20 minutes, then peel off and rub any remaining product on your gorgeous face. The texture of the mask was more like paper and not as slippery as the Boscia mask. I think I prefer the Boscia mask just a wee bit more, but the Sephora mask still turned out a solid performance. The full face mask is a better deal than the eye mask, for just $1 more you get an entire mask.

sephora sleeping masks.JPG

Another good value is the Sephora Sleeping Masks, only $4 and you can get two uses out of them. These come in little pods, you apply the gel all over your face and neck before bed and leave the product on overnight. I’m a wild sleeper, and was afraid I’d end up smearing it all on my pillow or something. What I did was apply it a few hours before bed then reapplied it right before I turned in, thinking at least I’d make sure I got a few good hours of the product on my face. I ended up passing out mid Netflix binge, so it worked out. Huzzah!

oliver reaction
Let’s pause and appreciate my dog, Oliver. This is the look he gave me while I had one of the masks on my face. Look at this delicious little dumpling of a dog. I can hear him saying, “You idiot, you spent $6 on a mask when you should have been buying treats for me.”



  This three day set of Glam Glow FlashMud came as a sample and had my name written all over it. I don’t think I’ll be happy until I glow in the dark.

  This was probably one of my favorite masks ever, as you can probably tell by my big cheesy grin. You apply this one to a dry face in circular motions, wait 20 minutes, then wash off with water. You’re supposed to use it three days in a row, making sure to use plenty of SPF in between uses. I loved it, I loved it so much I actually did the three days in a row without forgetting or complaining.

IMG_5476My skin looked really bright and glowy, I was so impressed. Of course, that’s when I realized the full size FlashMud is $69. Ouch. Okay, a bit pricey, but the next time I feel like splurging I know what I’m getting.



So after a few months of semi-consistent masking, I do think there’s been an overall improvement. My skin is a little less blah, and although there have been a couple of random blemishes here and there, my face isn’t a total disaster area.

Thanks for taking the masked ride with me, see you in the checkout aisle of Sephora!





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