These are a few of my favorite things: Velvet, Glitter and Faux Fur. A guide to some Holiday Wardrobe Essentials.

There is something about the holiday season that makes me want to drape myself in glitter, velvet and faux fur.


So as an ode to my favorite Holiday Textures, I’ve rounded up a pile of items that would slay in any Holiday Wardrobe!

The Velveteen Underground. 

This is a fabric that I just want to rub my hands all over, constantly. It has a little shimmer in the light and plays well with a lot of other textures. These velvet bottoms are sending me over the MOON.

       Viva La Velvet Skirt in Merlot from Mod Cloth 

Eternal Echo Skirt in Peridot from Mod Cloth

Fine and Sandy Blazer in Green Velvet from Mod Cloth 

Making Pieces like this work for you: 

  • For Glam go with a high heel, as pictured and a simple tucked in sleeveless blouse. Maybe even a statement necklace with a complimentary gem tone!
  • For a more relaxed/tomboy chic look, pair one of skirts with cute ballet flats, cotton fabric top and a short black leather jacket or blazer with leather collar detailing.
  • Going Cozy with the skirts: Wear a floor length cardigan (open) with a pretty camisole tucked in (based on the flare of the skirts). For your feet, pair your favorite shoes, flats or heels with knee high socks!
  • A velvet blazer would look amazing with a black pleather skirt, pleather pants or rich dark denim. If you want to keep the blazer open, pair with a lacy camisole and long necklace.


 Twinkle Twinkle Big Star


In the words of Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors “More Glittah!”

I confess, I love glitter 365 days of the year. I wanna be wrapped in the arms of Liberace while being serenaded by Glinda the Good Witch. That being said, it seems that the Holidays are a time when everyone feels comfortable letting their glitter flag fly. So if you’re feeling bold and fabulous this season, try out some of these items!

Party Topper Sequin Top in Gold from Lulu’s


Black Sequined Split Back Tank – Express

Mics, Camera, Action skirt from Mod Cloth 

Making Pieces like this work for you: 

  • Glitter adds a lot of pop so you can keep the other pieces in your outfit pretty simple. Pair with black pants, jeans or dark denim. A great pair of black heels or even a nice electric gem tone that compliments the glitter color of your choice. A rich purple plum would look gorgeous with first top!
  • The glitter tank would work really well with a rich skirt (like the velvet ones up top), a pair of jeans or even a cute little leather skirt!
  • Glitter on the bottom makes me super excited! You can go a little more rock n’roll by adding a casual t-shirt and a leather jacket or blazer. Make it super luxurious with a black faux fur cardigan or collar.

Faux Sure, Faux Fur Grayson, Sorry Miss Jackson, I Am Faux Real

( I couldn’t stop). 


Faux fur is something I love to wear the instant the weather turns cooler. It makes me feel like a 60’s starlet off on Holiday.

Collectively Classic Skirt from Mod Cloth

Fierce Finery Capelet from Mod Cloth 

Wrapped in Winsome Stole from Mod Cloth 

How to make these work in your wardrobe:

Put them on, you’re fabulous.

And we’re done. Now go shine on, velvet up and fur it out.

You’re gonna knock em dead this Holiday Season.



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