Beauty school drop out: “just the tips”. Katy finally gets her hair did!

I know “ombre” is sooooo like 2010. But listen my little shade throwing babies, I’ve wanted this SINCE the early 10’s. Something just always seemed to stop me. Of course lack of extra funds was always a big reason but also still being in the process of loving, accepting and owning my true self, completely. 

But this time, I was ready. 

Even though it is JUST hair, there was something incredibly liberating sitting down in the salon having tiny squares of tinfoil dangling off my tresses. Each new piece seemed to say “girl, you’re doing it…you’re really doing it”

Being blessed with dark brunette locks meant my hair would probably pull pretty yellow, so we decided to make it an ongoing process. This first time I would lighten but still keep it pretty natural. My end goal is platinum tips being able to add different shades of pastel colors of my choosing. We’ll get there. 

Here’s my before. (from my work bathroom…sexy)

The plunge (and snap)  

And rinse   

 I took a video and I saw the color change for the first time!  

 And the cut to go along with it. Plus that’s my cutie patootie mom in the background.  

 And finally, lets bookend it with another mirror selfie.   

I am 100% in love with it. It’s more subtle than my end goal but it’s a brilliant step 1 to the whole process. 

Never fear,  I’ll document it all.


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