Never Wash Your Hair Again: Dry Shampoo Is Your Friend

My hair is, like, 89% dry shampoo on any given day. I’m blessed with oodles of long, thick hair (thank you, mom and dad), which is a bitch to maintain. This girl knows her way around some dry shampoo – I’ve tried ’em all, toots! My tried and true favorite has always been Pssssst! Dry Shampoo (five Ss), and I thought we would last forever and ever. But then I met Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo. I’d noticed it on the shelf at Sephora months ago, looking all sleek and modern in its gray and white packaging. I scoffed at the $22 price tag, Pssssst! is only $7!

I caved.

Curiosity and a long line of holiday shoppers… what could I do? I bought a small bottle of Perfect Hair Day and whispered a silent apology to my can of Pssssst!

Dayum! You guys, this shit is incredible. Behold, my filthy head of hair two days after a dose of Perfect Hair Day.


Dry shampoos are supposed to absorb oil and “refresh” your hair. In my experience dry shampoo delivers what Cher Horowitz would call “a full-on Monet.” It looks clean, but don’t get too close. Living Proof claims that Perfect Hair Day is different (don’t they all!) and it not only removes oil, sweat, and odors but also actually cleans your hair. And heavens to murgatroyd, does it ever. My hair looked great, better than after any other dry shampoo. It wasn’t just that it looked better, but it actually felt like cleaner hair. Not right out of the shower clean, but clean enough that no one would suspect you’d dry shampooed.

I keep telling myself I can’t afford to develop a $22 dry shampoo habit, but Living Proof is, well, living proof that I might need to.

I leave you with my new favorite gif, which has nothing to do with dry shampoo, but it’s Alexander Skarsgard so who cares.



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