Dirty thirty: why turning 30 is the best thing in the world. No seriously. 

I celebrated my 31st birthday yesterday and it was a glorious day. Full of love, amazing prezzies, Facebook well wishers and an amazing dinner with the my closest friends.  
 It was a lot different than last year. I had a panic attack around 10pm. I always swore 30 would be no big deal but as the clock ticked closer and closer to January 6th, I started freaking out! 


This past year of my life has been an emotionally labor intensive journey with therapy, absolutely dreading my 9-5 and working through feeling “too old” for the music business. 
But then something just clicked. I’m getting through it all and questioning myself less and less, that is 30 and up. This new found freedom of not being classically “young” anymore. You’ve got this brand new set of rules and it’s bloody liberating! 
So I figured there was no better way to celebrate the 30s (and above) and give hope to those yet to approach this milestone than with an array of gifs explaining the badassness of adulthood.
1. You’re an adult, it’s official.

2. You realize that self-love is a good thing.


3. You treat yourself to nice things. Adulting is hard and you deserve it!


4. You kind of stop giving a “f”

5. This may have some consequences at first.


6. But you’ve learned to talk about your feelings so it’s ok.   

7. You’ve also gotten to the point where you can control your alcohol and still enjoy it just the same. 


8. You have also developed a richer pallet when it comes to our close friend, Mr. Alcohol.


9. People born in the “90s” are very strange people.   

10. And you try to help them when you feel they’ve gone astray.

  11. But you’ve got adult things to do, so you exclaim and move on.  

12. Relationships get easier or at the very least shorter.   

13. Your game is even stronger than it was in your 20s. 

 14. And your priorities definitely changed for the better. 


15. You know what’s fun to do with your free time as an adult?Nothing and it’s beautiful.   

16. You may have momentary freakouts. 

17. Pondering your lost youth.   

18. But in the end remember. You’ve got this. Being an adult is so much better when you embrace it. All your goals and dreams, whether your 30 or 75, they’re still ripe for the plucking.    



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