Fleek Week Test Kitchen: GlamGlow Plumprageous


How does that old saying go, “a fool and her gift card are soon parted”? Bolstered by my success with dry shampoo, I was drawn in by GlamGlow’s sirens call. The hot pink and silver packaging called out to me, and I reached out and snagged a box before I actually knew what the product did. GlamGlow Plumprageous Lip Treatment ($24) had prime spot in my local Sephora, I never stood a chance. Available in two formulas, gloss and matte, it promises to plump and prime your lips “to create the perfect canvas for lip color application ensuring Long Lasting Smooth color application each time.”

I don’t have any complaints about my lips, they’re plump enough just the way they are. But I just couldn’t help it, curiosity got the better of me and I had that gift card burning a hole in my pocket. Plus the packaging is really cool, take a look at the video below and see for yourself. Some online reviews criticized it for being overly complicated, but I dig it.

 Let’s get on with the show, here’s the before photo – my naked lips, save for a light coating of clear lip balm (which I removed before applying the Plumprageous matte formula).

  There’s an intense tingling sensation almost immediately after applying the products. It was about a 4 on my pain scale, nowhere near painful enough to require a safety word but just enough sting to let you know it’s there. There was noticeable lip plumpage within the first 10-15 seconds, kind of crazy.


I applied lipstick after about two or three minutes, when maximum plumping powers seemed to be achieved.


I was actually really impressed with Plumprageous as a primer, it makes application of lipsticks so silky smooth (especially liquid lipstick, which I experimented with later). And while there was some definite plumping of the lips, I can’t say it was really worth the $24 price tag. This is one of those things you might be pleased with as a gift card purchase, but might be a bit disappointed with had you paid full price.

Taking into account the pretty kick ass primer power, Plumprageous earns a solid B grade from me. There’s nothing wrong with the product, it does what it says it’ll do… we all just need to be realistic about what a lip plumper can actually do. Perhaps I was a bit harsh with the whole fool comment I opened up with, but it made for such a good opener! I’m of the belief that found money should be spent on something silly or frivolous. Gift cards are the ultimate in found money, go have fun buying something you wouldn’t normally splurge on for yourself.



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