Our Favorite British Imports

Some gloomy mornings, you just want to curl up with a hot cuppa and pretend you’re a Brit. Or is that just me? I don’t know why so many of us are enchanted by all things British.  Is it the accents (sounding so fancy to our American ears!), the long history (I won’t even tell you how many wives of Henry VIII internet spirals I’ve fallen into), or maybe it’s that dry sense of humor (hello, Benny Hill!)? Whether you’re familiar with or baffled by my Anglomania, allow me to present to you some of our favorite British Imports. Indulge me, I’ve got gifs!

british are coming.gif

Let’s start with my favorite ladies of London, Absolutely Fabulous. If you aren’t already familiar with Edina and Patsy, do yourself a favor and binge watch every single episode. Get ready for me to freak out when the movie comes out later this year, sweetie darlings.

Be still my fragile and tender heart. Doctor Who is responsible for countless tears and feels at Fleek Week HQ. It’s on Netflix and there is no excuse for not watching it immediately. The Van Gogh episode (“Vincent and the Doctor”) from season 5 left me a sobbing mess, I actually start crying just thinking about it. Ugh, I can’t.

I was slow to catch on to the Great British Baking Show, but it only took one episode to get me completely addicted. There’s no way to explain why this show is just so good, you have to just give it a shot and see the magic for yourself (one season is currently available on Netflix). The hosts, the judges, the challenges, and those baby angel contestants… it all comes together and makes for tv magic.

Only three episodes per season (although they are 90 minutes long) and a possible two year wait until the next season – Sherlock is the ultimate tease and will always leave you wanting more. It really is worth the wait – the acting, production, and stories are beyond. Andrew Scott is so delicious in his role as the series villain, you might find yourself torn between Team Sherlock and Team Moriarty.

Let’s pause to genuflect before Adele’s insanely gorgeous face. Her hair and make up is literally what my dreams are made of, and I hope to one day recreate the genius level of her contouring and winged eyeliner.

Honorary mention goes to Tom Hardy’s lips. I could stare at them for hours and hours, marveling at the bananas crazy amount of talent he’s packing behind that plump, rosy pucker. The Drop nearly killed me, Hardy (being so fucking Hardy) plus a puppy. I CAN ONLY TAKE SO MUCH.

This list could go on and on, we’ve barely scratched the surface. But I have to cap it here in order to retain some semblance of self-control.

british tingle.gif


3 thoughts on “Our Favorite British Imports

  1. You have great taste in British TV! Being British myself I’m hardly an unbiased viewer but I LOVE Ab Fab, Doctor Who & Sherlock. As you know DW & Sherlock have writers/producers in common and they do love to squeeze tears out of us & torture us with a loooong hiatus. Anyway, lovely post! You go ahead & pretend to be British any time you get the urge 🙂
    Kindra x


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