Beauty School Drop Out: “J’Approve”. Katy Tries French Skin Care!


Alright angels, there is no secret here. We love the French and they KNOW their beauty. In fact, they are well known FOR it. And what is more beautiful than amazing skin? Nothing.

I’ve been feeling a bit down about my current moisturizing routine. I just didn’t feel the products I’ve been using were really penetrating the skin like I wanted. It’s always the same story, I love it at first and then notice I’m breaking out or my skin feels dry. After a long hunt online for moisturizers, I stumbled upon the French beauty brand “Embryolisse”. I was extra excited when I saw I could purchase these items on Target online AND a very select few in Target stores.


For the rest of the products: If you’re in the states, don’t speak French and are curious about the brand there is an american site just for that “Embryolisse USA” You’ll find an array of products from creams, to toners, cleansers and more! You’ll be lost on here for hours.

It’s a bit on the expensive side, I paid $28 dollars for this tube of “Lait-Creme Concentre”. However I feel when it comes to your skin, if you have a little extra cash to spend. You should. Your skin is with you till the end. Treat it as best as you can for as long as you’re lucky enough to be here.

Now to the good stuff:


The instructions are both in French and English (So if you’re like me and are trying to improve the French skills you have been developing since age 5 it’s also an educational tool)

It’s very easy to open and apply. I loved the way it felt and my skin didn’t have the typical “tightness” or pulling it can get with my other moisturizing oils. It was very creamy and felt like it penetrated the skin very well. It could be very coincidental but my acne wasn’t as bright red in the morning. Here’s hoping it was more than just a coincidence. 

(I need to be more delicate with application on my poor face)

So like all products I definitely need to give this a few more days, see how I feel about this in a week but the reviews on Sephora, Target and all around have been smashing. If this stays true to it’s reviews, I’ll most likely try out the “Micellar” lotion for washing my face. I’m even anxious to try some of there toners and hand creams.

Those beautiful french. Ils sont tres intelligent et tres belle.

(They are very intelligent and very beautiful)




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