Plan your own Galentine’s Day: Make Leslie Proud and Celebrate your lady friends!


Tomorrow, February 13th marks the day in which we celebrate Galentine’s Day. Galentine’s Day is a Holiday created by the ever wondrous, pawnee native, Leslie Knope. It’s a day to gather all your lady friends, eat your favorite breakfast foods, throw back a few mimosas and celebrate your ovaries.

Since we are absolutely having one this year, we thought it would be fun to talk about it and share 5 MUSTS for creating your own Galentine’s Day Bash!

First things first:  NO DUDES


Look, we get it. WE LOVE GUYS. And we’re all about burning down those gender roles. As close as you can get with your guy friends, they will never understand a Period. Period. Or ovulation, hormonal swings, how the wage gap really feels or sore boobs. There is something special about getting your gals together and relating on what makes you ladies.

2. Brunch is kind of a must. Because Leslie Knope is the founder of this holiday and we must honor her by eating her favorite food which is breakfast food…more specifically waffles. You can choose to go fancy and hit a cute French Bistro OR all you badass gals can congregate at your local Denny’s. Just remember: Brunch or Bust.


3. Handmade presents are a nice touch and completely on theme with Galentine’s Day. Show your girls how much you care about them by making them something sweet. Don’t have time? Grab something small for each lady as a special way to say “hey, you’re a boss”.

4. Be sure to tell lots of stories and maybe a few games?


5. Make sure those mimosas are flowing and you’re in for a super fun Brunch Bash with your best Gal Pals.



So cheers ladies! Plan the best Galentine’s Day Ever with your ultimate squad of perfect gals! Use Leslie as your spirit guide to ultimate female friendship appreciation and admiration. After all, this should really be a national holiday!





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