Day Drinking: Because We Can

swanson alcohol.gif

Babes, we are hard working, bad ass women (and men) who don’t have to limit our drinking to evenings or holiday weekends. Heed those wise words from Ron Swanson, there is no shame in day drinking, kids. Katy and I have been known to have a cocktail or two at unconventional hours, so we present to you a few of our favorites for your approval.

michelada gingembre.jpg

The Michelada Gingembre is a take on the Shandygaff and (obvi) the Michelada, just combine lemon/lime soda and ginger beer in a tall glass of ice (you can also add in some hot sauce if you like it spicy), then add in your choice of beer (something IPA style would work well), and top it with salt. Mmmhmm.

bloody mary.jpg

All hail the queen of day drinks, the Bloody Mary. There are countless ways to customize it, pick yours and get to drinking.

white sangria.jpg

Sangria gives me life. *praise hands emoji* I took that picture at California Adventure, it’s literally the happiest Disney memory I have. As with the Bloody Mary, there’s a whole world of variety in the Sangria world. There’s white, red, hard cider (YASSSSSSS!), or pick from these 18 other varieties.

tequila sunrise.jpg

Tequila Sunrise – Please don’t fear tequila, my loves. Just stick to good tequila. I don’t know why, but tequila sunrises remind me of Blanche Devereaux. Maybe it’s the paper umbrella? Tequila, orange juice (look, we’re being healthy), and grenadine. Easy, breezy, beautiful!


Shout out to all my gin lovers! I don’t know why gin isn’t quite as popular, but I loooooove it. I especially love the super simple Tom Collins. Gin, lemon juice, sugar, carbonated water, and garnish with a cherry. To quote the queen of food TV, Ina Garten, “How easy is that?!”

Okay, lovelies… slay, get all those Excel worksheets done, then meet us at the bar.

drunk baby.gif


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