And the Oscar Goes To…

Fleek Week! Obvi …


Then probably alcohol and pizza for independent short and feature short, respectively.

This Sunday, Queen V and I attended an Oscar party hosted by our lovely lady friend, Dana Calderon. It was  a glorious evening filled with friends and Oscar Ballots (99% guessing game basically. I saw Inside Out and Star Wars. So me and every other 10 year old girl in America didn’t fair so well)


Chris Rock was poignant and hilarious. A tough combination to nail given the controversy and much needed open discussion about the given truths behind Hollywood and Minorities.


Dana slayed at life with her decorations complete with Red Carpet. So of COURSE we had to stop for a photo opp.


And absolutely no Red Carpet would be complete without the interviews!

Vanessa, who are you WEARING? 

“Oh this is Modcloth, by Modcloth. And the shoes are Siempre 21, its pronounced, Forever”

Vanessa, Joe Biden is here tonight. If you could ask our Veep one question, what would it be?

“How many times have you watched the Leo and Gaga Gif?”


Katy, who are you wearing?

“I’m head to toe Mossimo exclusively from Target. The T is silent”

Katy, Joe Biden is here tonight. What’s one question you would ask our Veep?

“How big is it?”


The night was a smash and no one fell down. Though some came close.


And Cheers to Leo, it finally happened. 




One thought on “And the Oscar Goes To…

  1. Oh my goodness! These pictures are adorable and thank you so much for the name drop!!! Love you two ladies ??

    Dana the Magnificent Sent from my iPhone


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