Sparkle, Sparkle Big Star : DIY fabric scuff shoe fix!

Scuffed your favorite pair of shoes and they’re not leather? Dry those tears baby girls and baby boys because we have an incredible tutorial that includes more glitter than Liberace’s panties, we assume.


What you’ll need: Your Scuffed Shoes, Mod Podge, Brush or Applicator, All-Surface Paint (optional), Glitter (color of your choice), Nail File or Sand Paper, Tape, Clean Surface you can get messy and some kind of setting adhesive.

To start, tape an even section along the toe of your shoe. Then sand down any stray fabric with a nail file.

Next step is optional but, I chose to paint a thin layer of all surface paint to my shoe to ensure an even background or base for my sparkles.

Once the paint has dried (took about 30 minutes) I applied quickly, a nice layer of Mod Podge to all areas I wanted covered with glitter. You can be generous with the Podge.

Next while the modge podge is freshly applied, sprinkle your glitter sparkles generously over the desired area. I chose to go with black to match my shoe for a subtle sparkle but you can pick any color you want!

Let dry for about 20 minutes, shake off extra and remove tape.

As far as the “setting adhesive” I chose hair spray as I’ve heard its a good trick for coating sparkling/glittery shoes from getting glitter sparkles all over the carpet, it seemed to work well for my new kicks!


Look at my shiny gorgeous precious baby angels! I love them and want to wear them constantly.  I only tried the toe because I preferred that look for these shoes and it was the only area really scuffed but, you could apply this technique on any part of the shoe! Once I have tested out how well the glitter stays put, I will be doing an all over multi colored glitter shoe, you know I will.

Thanks for checking out this tutorial! If you try it, comment down below and let us know how it went! OR better yet, send us a photo!



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