In Living Color: Paint a rainbow on your beautiful face

Color correction isn’t new, but it’s having quite the moment now. Sephora just came out with a new line called Bright Future that features color correctors and concealers ($14 each). There’s a whole world of color correcting products out there, at all kinds of price points. This is what Sephora has to offer, and that’s just a tiny slice of the color correcting world – Nyx has powders, creams, and liquids, Maybelline has the Cover Stick, and Ulta has its own palette too. But let’s focus on Sephora’s Bright Future for now…


I had a birthday gift card burning a hole in my pocket, and some annoying red spots that do not seem to be going away. It seemed the perfect opportunity to try this colorful magic. It might be a little overwhelming because there are seven color corrector options and 20 concealer colors to choose from. I knew I wanted to upgrade my concealer (I went for a bargain Nyx version that was like my concealer training wheels) and just focus on one or two color correctors.

Quick color lowdown – the correctors work by neutralizing the unwanted colors/tones on your face. Think back to art class when we learned about the color wheel, you’ll want to pick something on the opposite side of the wheel. If you want to zap out red, you’ll need to use its opposite, green.

Green – neutralizing redness

Purple – sallow/yellow undertones, dullness

Pink/Peach/Melon/Orange – brightens up tired skin for different skin tones

Yellow – neutralizes blue/purple from bruises or under eye circles


I’ve been struggling with some redness (stress loooooves to march itself across my face) so I grabbed the tube of green. And I’m forever obsessed with brightening, so I grabbed a tube of the pink as well.


The applicators are supposed to help you dispense just the right amount of product on your face. Just dip it into the tube, and dot it on the areas you’re working on. Then blend it in with a brush and/or a blending sponge. If your color issue is a larger area, you might want to go for the color primers/creams that are meant to be applied all over (Smashbox’s Photo Finish is outstanding).

I was a little too into it, so I totally forgot to take photos of the pink dots, but I applied it where I normally would have applied highlights (between the eyes into the forehead, brow bone, on the cheekbones, and right in the ol’ cupid’s bow.

I made sure to blend, blend, blend, then applied the Bright Future concealer in Eclair (#10), which is a spot-on match for my skin and makes me so happy I could cry. The color corrector and concealer did such an amazing job, I opted to go for a sheer coverage BB cream instead of medium/full coverage foundation. *gasp* I added some Laura Mercier finishing powder (my faaaaave), and I was all set!


I still see you there, pimple! But you’re much more low-key and don’t look caked in makeup. I asked my friend if she thought my makeup looked any different and she commented that I looked “glowier”. My face felt lighter without the heavier foundation, my red spots were in check, and my friend thought I was glowing. That’s good enough for me, I’m sold on color correcting. Even if it’s not something I need to do every day, knowing it’s a new skill in my bag of tricks makes me feel armed and ready to take on the world, one stress-induced break out at a time.


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