Break a sweat, not the bank! : Katy joined a gym and talks cute work out clothes on the cheap!


You guys, I joined a gym! YAY YAY YAY! I’ve been going for a few months and I’m pretty in love.


The only thing I’m not in love with is the fact that I have zero CUTE WORK OUT CLOTHES. I hate not feeling cute, I really hate it. I have a few work out pieces, I’m not on the treadmill in skinny jeans, but nothing that feels like ME. The gym can be a pretty intimidating place. Why not counter that vibe by feeling 100% yourself? And what’s totally me? Nerdy and Cute work out clothes, that won’t overwork your wallet.

Let’s DO this!

Check out Forever 21! Wait..WHO? Yes! You heard me.

Over the past few years they have really bumped up their “active wear” and have started putting out a ton of REALLY cute items and a GORG plus size line of active wear!

My top favorites are the galaxy print and Darth Vader esque cut out leggings. Most of these items stay under 25 dollars, some even under 20! WHAT?!

Another place you might not think to look is Old Navy. They sell more than just fleece. And man oh man, you kind of can’t beat their clearance deals. I definitely prefer the Forever 21 styles over these below but these are EVEN Cheaper, some as low as 8.00.

Lastly, I’m just going to end with CUTE rather than saving money, although these t-shirts and tanks don’t break the bank either! Most are just around $25.00. I am a nerd at heart and nothing gets me more excited than work out gear that is also SUPER nerdy. I found this all on Stride Fitness Apparel. In a section they so perfectly named : The Nerd Locker. LOVE.


I’m going to need that “Working Off MY Adipose” T-shirt STAT.

Also, “Imperial Fitness”. DEAD.

So, I will most definitely be purchasing a number of these items in the next few months as I built up a cute and stylish work out wardrobe. I heard Queen V is thinking about joining a gym as well, maybe a joint Work Out Wardrobe HAUL should be in the works!

So go on Wonder Woman or Wonder Man. Fleek out your Fitness!



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