Why online shopping is the Bees Knees.

First, I’d like to give a big internet high five to all of you out there that have been adulting really well lately. You know, paying your bills. Going to work, on time. Packing a lunch. Making coffee at home. Paying your rent, on time. Paying your car payments, your registration, your insurance, on time. Doing your taxes, EARLY.

Just being all around badasses in this game of Adult Life.


Now one perk of staying on top of everything is having a little money left over to



This brings us to the topic of this post, Online Shopping. Below you’ll find a list of the top 15 reasons why online shopping is BASICALLY the greatest thing ever.

1. You don’t have to leave the house.


2. Which means you can wear WHATEVER you want. Sweatpants, Pajamas, No Pants. It does not matter. You’re shopping from home.


3. Since you’re shopping from home, you don’t have to socialize.

Shout out to all my fellow Social Anxiety Cats out there! I can’t emphasize this one enough, no socializing. No awkward small chat, no pretending to know what your looking for even when you are TOTALLY lost because you don’t want to hear this dreaded question:

“Are you finding everything ok?”


4. You can drink! 

No fear of public intoxication or having to find a DD to lug your silly behind around all day. You can drink while you shop. I think the only thing better would be ordering a pizza, drinking and online shopping, or as some of us call it “Friday Night”.


5. Amazon Prime and other free shipping options. 

You can basically get things delivered to your door next day, with very little effort. So many places offer free shipping over a certain price and with the cost of gas, meals out and avoiding parking lot fights with greedy drivers, it’s entirely worth the couple extra bucks.


6. A virtual closet of your own. 

Sometimes stores are overwhelming. It’s almost impossible to narrow in on exactly what you’re looking for. With online filters, you can find exactly what you need, even if you didn’t know you needed it 🙂


7. Didn’t fit? Returns are a SNAP. 

This is a huge turnoff for some people. They want to know what they purchase will fit. Honestly, returning an items or exchanging for a different size is a SNAP. Seriously. You can repackage and ship back or you can simply return to a store (if there are physical stores in your area). If it fits, it ships right? Plus, they always send you a return label to put on the box.


8. Different ways to pay. 

Credit Cards. Pay Pal. Debit. You name it. Easy and simple. Just like shopping in a store without having to put on pants and actually BE in the store.


9. You can still enter coupons online! 

Discount codes, coupons… can all be entered online! Get those savings AND that free shipping!


10. Did we mention you avoid crowds? 

All of them. Every last person. Except maybe your roommate.  Or your cat.


11. And in that same vein, you don’t have to go out alone.

Shopping in stores is WAY more fun with other people and can be a total bummer alone. Crew MIA? …Online shopping is the fix all for this.

12. You get MAIL. Fun Mail! Not bills.

Opening up your purchases is like christmas morning, with presents you bought for yourself!


12. Make a Wishlist: For the Indecisive!  

Don’t want to break the bank just yet or just NOT quite sure on an item? That’s what wishlists are for! Some websites and online stores will even notify you when items  on your wishlist get close to selling out, sell out or come back in stock!


13. You can buy everything from Make Up, To Shoes, to Beds to Food. Anything. Everything.


14. Online Shopping has no judgement (although for the record I’ve always hated Uggs).


15. Shopping on the cheap is SO much easier online with “Sale” sections. Rather than rifling through countless clearance racks PRAYING they have your size. Maybe with no holes or make up stains.


SO SHOP till you DROP guys. From the comfort of your VERY own couch, your desk, in the dark or in your bed.

Yes, again, you can shop in bed. In bed. The end.



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