Beauty School Drop out: Katy’s thoughts on her April Birch Box!

Obviously, it’s May. While I wait patiently for my NEW Birchbox to arrive, I wanted to give my feedback and thoughts on my April box! All in all I’ve been loving this Birchbox experience. Granted, it was a birthday gift from my sister, so it’s literally FREE things every month but,  I would consider paying for it. It’s a little treasure trove of goodies brought right to your door! I should probably text her and tell her how much I love it.

Can you even handle this box!? 🌸 

So onto April: This April box was all about hair and I’ve been OBSESSED about mine lately. I feel like around 25 my hair started to change, DRASTICALLY. All of a sudden, I had WAY more pronounced wave and volume and…FRIZZ to my hair. It was dry and just bumming me out. So needless to say, I was pumped to see so many hair products in the April box!  

Not going to lie I still haven’t tried the “super goop” 


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