Test Kitchen: Sephora Hand & Lip Masks

What’s cooking, good looking? I saw these new masks at Sephora and couldn’t resist, because Sephora knows the way to my heart and wallet. The lip mask ($3) is available in Rose and Shea Butter, I went with rose (obvi). And the hand mask ($6) is available in Argan, Aloe, and Avocado. I went with aloe, because I’m an idiot and didn’t notice avocado was an option until just now. So let’s open  up the Fleek Week Test Kitchen and see what we’ve got, shall we?


Lip Mask – $3

Hand Mask – $6



Above is my before lip pic, no major chapping or dryness, just kind of lackluster.

Total disclosure, I got confused and almost applied the paper cover instead of the actual mask. But I figured it out, the mask was tucked between two sheets of paper. I was afraid of a weird smell or taste, but it was totally fine. The roughest part is having to shut up while you leave it on for 15 minutes.


The hand masks come labeled separately and are much neater than I expected. There are two layers of glove, so the gel doesn’t spill out and your hands stay nice and clean/dry while you have them on.

I happily discovered that you can still use your phone/touch screen while wearing the gloves. So that made my silent 15 minutes go by that much faster.


There was even enough time to do some interpretive dance and mime.


… Fast forward 15 minutes and I removed the gloves, like with regular sheet masks, rubbed in the leftover product. My hands definitely felt much softer and more moisturized. Some of that smoothness wore off as I went about my day and washed my hands, but the did stay noticeably softer even with the day’s wear.

It’s a little hard to notice in the photo, but my lips were also softer and not as dry.

Here I am, wondering when Sephora will come up with a full body mask suit.


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