How Fleek Week Plans to spend Memorial Day.


Hey guys, if you’re in the states like us, you all know what’s upon us. Memorial Day, or in other words, one hell of a glorious three day weekend. As soon as the clock strikes 5 tomorrow millions of Americans will hit to the road to travel to whatever beach, cabin, tent, forest, or BBQ they plan to attend. We have our own plans in mind.

1.We will without a doubt, be dressed on theme, on point, and fiercely. We’re two extremely liberal broads with a thirst for change and equality who also might want to wear a little red, white and blue. giphy

2.Doing zero chores and resist HAVING to do them, at all costs. wet-hot-american-summer-paul-rudd-tantrum

    3. Maybe we’ll get a little physical activity in but, we’ll keep it light.


    4. If we do have to brave the traffic and crowds, we’ll have our game plan and charge on through.


    5. We may even try to play “True American” you know that weird drinking game from “The New Girl”


    6. This will undoubtedly lead to a dancing party.


    7. We will probably also drunkenly discuss history.


    8. We’ll probably eat a lot of food that’s not typically defined as “healthy”


    9. It’s a glorious weekend of relaxing and hanging with the friends.


    10. So thank you Memorial Day, for giving us the freedom to choose to do nothing, drink everything and hang with the people we love most.


     Bare in mind this will most likely be us on Monday:


     Us having to go back to work on Tuesday:


    Have a great loooooong weekend everybody! 


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