We the People: Our guide to making it through your Primary Elections!

It’s California’s turn to vote tomorrow in the Primary Election. While we as women LOVE, HONOR and TURN OUT for Voting with every opportunity we have, it can be a little stressful and daunting. You want to make sure you’re up on the issues and have chosen a candidate best suited for the job. Here’s a step to step guide to getting through Election Days, with the help of some of our favorite (mostly fictional) Political Powerhouses.

  1. Be sure you understand all the issues! lesliemra
  2. All the rigorous phone campaigning is over, for a day. giphy
  3. Make sure you stand firm on all of your platforms. giphy1
  4. So that NO one decides your vote but you.


5. Vote from the gut or the heart (if you have one.)


6. Your voice matters, it really does.


7. So don’t lose your cool.


8. It also means you have a legit reason to step away from the office for a few hours.


9. Maybe take a moment to reflect on the fact that so many people were denied this civic right for far too long. You have that right now. Bask in that for a moment.


10. You’re so ready.


11. Now go Vote!


12. You Got This.




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