De-toxicated: Katy is trying a low-carb Detox!

You guys, out of the BLUE I decided I wanted to challenge myself by having a very low-carb detox week. That’s right, I’m eating basically zero carbohydrates this week. I already have to be Gluten Free due to medical reasons but, that doesn’t mean I don’t stuff my face with carbs CONSTANTLY. Potato Chips and French Fries are my EVERYTHING. I love them. But I’ve been REALLY wanting to focus on my health. Not just beauty, my health. Healthy skin, bones, hair, muscles, heart, self. So, I saw this low-carb detox plan on Pinterest and something just snapped inside my head… Can I DO it? I think I can but, we’re going to find out together! It’s only a week right?


This is Day 1. So far. It’s been ok.

  • Breakfast
    • Lemon Water w/Honey
    • 2 Fried Eggs
    • 1/2 a GrapeFruit
    • Coffee
  • Mid Morning Snack
      • seriously rip someone’s face off starving – not good, not good for the body or my co-workers.
  • Lunch
    • Blueberry and Orange Smoothie
    • Kale
    • Tuna
    • String Cheese

Mid Day Check in – I felt pretty good. Once I finally fed my body after my ridiculously stupid and small mid-day snack idea, I felt great. Not tired, energized and satisfied.


  • Dinner – I got home and saw a bag of chips on the counter, you know the delicious kettle kind?  I fought the urge and I fought it off. HAaaaaaaaRD.  movies_jlaw-starving-gif-resized
    • I DID make this BOMB Cauliflower Mac and Cheese
      • steamed cauliflower I mashed up.
      • mozzarella cheese (a lot to be honest)
      • Seasonings: salt/pepper/everyday seasoning blend.

I usually go to the gym after work but it was advised to reduce your aerobic activity while detoxing. I did yoga for the first the first time in forever and it felt like it.


Night time Check in: So it’s around 8:45 PM PST and currently…I’m really hungry and having a SERIOUS sweet tooth craving. I think I’ll pop downstairs and make myself a protein shake, it’s nice and chocolatey and will have low carbohydrates. I may ALSO have some pretty killer peanut butter, that’s low-carb esque right? I’m not really sure. I’m eating it anyway. Let’s see if I can make it an entire week … on this low carb life before I break down and just eat some delicious potato chips. God, I love me some Carbs. This might be harder than I thought!

x0x0 Katy


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