Beauty School Drop out: Birch Box #2!

Welcome to the Tardy Party! I’m just posting my second Birch Box unboxing, AS my third birch box has already come in the mail. I’m keeping it real with you guys, I got a little behind.


Onto the positive: I’m loving these little monthly surprises filled with sample sized goodies to try. I hate buyer’s remorse and I feel like the BirchBox automatically cuts that impending doom out of your shopping experience. Love it, Hate it, “Meh”it. It’s only a sample so their is no pressure! No Anxiety, No stress. <- I rarely know these feelings.

As I’m knew to this whole experience, I’m starting to notice a trend or a “theme” that corresponds with the month you receive the box. Since this was *cough* February, this seemed to be highly focused on “red” and “Valentines” day.


I’ll be sure and post my latest Birch Box Soon! It just came in the mail!


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